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There are many variables in this but gererally for an automatic car, there is a 22% loss in power from the engine to the wheels and for a manual about an 18% loss. If you made 250 wheel hp in an automatic car you should be around 305 hp at the engine.

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You get the engine horsepower from the manufacturer. They take it off the flywheel. You take wheel horsepower by putting a steel band around the tire. There is a pole attached to the band. The pole extends out a foot or two from the vehicle. A big flat square piece of metal is attached to the end of the pole. That piece of metal is put on a scale. That way a shop figures out wheel horsepower. The conversion shows that about 50% of the power at the flywheel makes it to the wheels. Since electric generators and motors have greater than 90% efficiency, conversion to gasoline-electric vehicles could theoretically double mileage.

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Q: How do you convert engine horsepower to wheel?
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How Convert 1 horsepower into cubic centimeters?

horsepower is engine power. cubic centimetres is engine displacement. (sometimes proportional but) they are not directly related.

Does wheal weight effect horsepower?

No wheel weights control tire balance and have nothing to do with horsepower. The horsepower your engine produces is entirely produced by the engine. You can get better use of that horsepower by limiting the amount of weight of your vehicle but leave the wheel weights on the wheels or you'll be riding a bucking bronco while your trying to drive.

What does 1803 cc convert to in horsepower?

There is no direct relationship between the cylinder capacity of an engine and the horsepower that it can generate. It depends on the engine design, the fuel amongst other factors.

How do you convert engine cc's to horsepower?

An engines cubic capacity cannot be converted, mathematically, to horsepower without a host of other information..

How do you convert engine liters to horsepower?

"Robert Fogt" The amount of horsepower output by an engine depends on more than just the engine size. For example, a tricked out 4.7 liter engine will have more horsepower than an old stock 4.7 liter engine. You wont be able to convert directly between them. For new cars you may be able to find data sheets that lists both engine size and horsepower. Otherwise you would have to take it to a shop to be placed on a machine to measure it.

What is the horsepower of a 1986 Chevy suburban 4 wheel drive 350 engine?

It has 210 H.P.

What is the difference between brake horsepower and horsepower?

The difference between brake horsepower and horsepower or wheel horsepower, they are the same thing, is that brake horse power is the power produced by the crank. The wheel horsepower is the amount of power delivered to the wheels. Brake horsepower refers to the method used to test the engine. A brake is attached to the engine and used to maintain the engine at a constant RPM at full throttle. The delivered power output is then a simple calculation of RPM times torque. Horse power is based on the average amount of work that a horse could do in a day. It is taken to be 746watts. well you guessed it engine output is also specified in kilowatts so divide by 746 and you have horsepower. As stated above it is all the same thing. There is a difference between advertised horsepower and brake horsepower. Advertised horsepower is what a manufacturer will rate its engine/automobile/machine to produce. Brake horsepower is the actual measured horsepower, for example, of a motor on an engine dynamometer.

Stock Ford Mustang 281ci rear wheel horsepower?

250 to 270 rwhp depending on miles on the engine and engine wear.

Convert 1600 cc flat 4 cylinder 4 stroke vw engine to horsepower?

I think it is somewhere around 50 horsepower, if I'm not mistaken.

Convert 179cc to horsepower?

You are trying to compare apples and donuts. 179cc is a size of engine that would have a fairly wide range of horsepowers. Horsepower is a power rating.

Is it possible to convert an engine from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive?

Yes you have to poke it really hard

What is the difference between Shaft horsepower and Brake horsepower?

Shaft horsepower is the power output from an engine after it is put through the gear train and other components that result in a loss of power. It is usually used in respect to aeroplanes and ships though it can be used as the power output from a cars gearbox. Brake horsepower is the power an engine puts out at the crank and is not subject to losses. It is always higher than the true horsepower. The true horsepower or rear wheel horsepower is the power that is actually driving a vehicle foreward and is probably the most important for comparing motor vehicles. Horsepower itself is the imperial unit for power, like the metric systems Watt. 1 hp = 0.75kW