How do you convert car miles to bike miles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The miles are the same be it car, bike, truck or scooter.

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Q: How do you convert car miles to bike miles?
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A man drove 2000 miles with his family without knowing he had a flat tire How come?

there was a bike in the car and the bike had a flat tire

How many miles from falmouth mass to harrison Maine?

By car, 227 miles. By bike, 231 miles. By foot, 206 miles. As the bird flies, 177 miles.

What are some ways to get home from school if you live five miles away?

car, bus, bike

Car speed in miles per second?

To convert from miles per hour to miles per second, use this formula:mph x 0.0002778 = miles per second

Is a motorcycle a car or bike?

a bike

How many miles of bike paths in Vancouver?

how many miles of bike paths in Vancouver

Do gals and guys look cooler when together on a bike or in a car?

i think in a car especially if you mean a push bike but if it is a motor bike then a bike! :)

What came first bike or car?


How do you convert 0.0171875 square miles into miles?

You can't convert that.

What is the average of gas you save by riding a bike?

Take the distince you are riding your bike, divide it by the miles per gallion that your car gets. This will give you the number of gallons of gas you save. For Example if you are riding 30 miles and would have driven the car that gets 20 miles per gallon, then 30 divided by 20 equals 1.5. So you would be saving 1.5 gallons of gas.

How long does it take to trale 15.6 miles in a car that is going 40 kmh?

In that case you need to divide the distance by the speed. Since the units are not compatible (miles versus km), you need to convert to compatible units first. For instance, convert the miles to kilometers.

How do you convert 2500 ft into miles?

Convert 2500 ft into miles