Best Answer take out the old diesel engine, drop a gasser in. Not rocket science

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Q: How do you convert a olds 5.7 diesel engine to gas?
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Can you convert a jeep in line six to diesel?

No, you cannot convert a gas engine to a diesel engine. A diesel requires much stronger parts.

Is it possible to convert a 1997 Chevrolet cheyennepick-up 1500 2.7 ltr petrol engine to gas or diesel fuel -Ireland?

You cannot convert a diesel to gas or a gas to diesel. They are made differently. You can change engines but not convert an engine.

How can you convert your 1975 Datsun engine into a diesel one so you can run it on vegetable oil?

You cannot convert a gasoline engine into a diesel engine. You will have to remove the gas engine and install a diesel.

How do you convert from diesel to gas 1982 Monte Carlo?

You'd need to swap in a gas engine. A lot of people believe that the Oldsmobile 5.7 LF9 diesel was a gas engine converted into a diesel - this is simply not true.

What is the difference between a '81 olds 5.7 diesel dipstick and a '81 olds 5.7 gas dipstick?

Engine oil capacity?

Is there any way to convert a diesel engine to gas?

Realistically it wouldn't be feasible to convert a diesel engine to gas. Diesel motors require much greater compression - enough that it could cause an explosion with a gas-configured motor. Plus, diesel doesn't use ignition or spark plugs, and the fuel pump/fuel ignition systems are completely incompatible.

Can you convert gasoline engine to a diesel engine?

No you would need to change out the whole engine. There are a lot of things a diesel engines has that gas engines don't. It is possible in theory, but in practice it would be so expensive a brand new gas engine would be cheaper.

Can you use gas engine oil in a diesel engine?

No you can not use gas engine oil in diesel engine oil because processing of diesel engine is different from gas engine oil. If you use this then it damage your vehicles.

Can you convert diesel fuel to regular unleaded gas?


What did Rudolf Diesel invent?

Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine which uses diesel gas.

Is the Chevy 6 liter engine gas or diesel?


Is a Chevy 5.7 L diesel or gas?

That is a GAS engine.