How do you control engine torque?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In case of Bikes: By increasing the gear ratio from the main transmission point. As the torque and speed ratio is inversely proportional so increasing the teeths of the rear end gear to the main engine gear will increase the torque simultaneously it will also reduce the pick up

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Q: How do you control engine torque?
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What is the work of engine drag control?

Engine drag torque control prevents your wheels locking on slippery surfaces if you take your foot off the accelerator suddenly or shift down a gear fast. The braking effect of the engine can cause the driven wheels to skid when they temporarily lose traction. In such situations, engine drag torque control maintains directional stability and boosts safety. The system's control unit receives information from the wheel-speed sensors and the engine control unit or transmission control unit via the CAN data bus. If it detects wheel slip, it sends a signal to the engine control unit to increase engine torque, until the driven wheels are turning at a rate appropriate to the car's speed. This keeps your car steerable and maintains directional stability.

What is the torque on a 1999 vortex engine?

what is the torque on a 1999 Yukon engine

Horse power and torque for Chevrolet 454 engine?

454 engine torque is 752 pounds of torque

What is the torque on a torque converter?

Torque output of the engine at that speed.

What type of engine will be in the 2013 Yamaha R1?

The 2013 Yamaha R1 will have a 998cc inline 4-cylinder engine. This engine offers higher RPMs for a power rush, and higher torque for a speed rush. Proponents of this engine say that the combined power and torque give the rider better control.

Where is the torque converter on a 1999 Buick Le Sabre?

The torque converter is between the engine and transmission.The torque converter is between the engine and transmission.

What does the ecm control on a 99 dodge neon?

All functions of the engine. Cruise, Alternator, transmission torque converter clutch,

Engine bolt torque specs on C-15 catepillar engine?

torque c-15 for engine brake

Chevy headbolt torque?

The torque numbers are different for each engine. Which engine and year does your car have?

What is the head torque for a John Deere 4239D engine?

head torque sequence, ft lbs, 4239d jd engine

What is the torque setting and torque pattern for an Isuzu FSR truck engine head?

torque on Isuzu engine head for 4hf1 is 95 lbs

What is the torque of a 60 hp VW engine?

The 60-horsepower VW engine has a torque specification of 115 pounds at 2000 RPMs. The engine will have 130 pounds of torque at 2500 RPMs.