How do you clean oil from car exhaust?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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from the car exhaus or in the car exhaust?....

if u have oil in ur exhaust that's not

from the outside of the exhaus just use degresser doesnt cost much...

and if u don't wanna buy that just use fuel

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Q: How do you clean oil from car exhaust?
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What device helps clean car exhaust?

The catalytic converter.

Why does a car produce blue exhaust?

You're burning oil.

What should you do when hair comes out of a car exhaust?

Clean the mouse nest out of the air cleaner.

What type of pollution can be formed by car exhaust and burning coal or oil?


Help one day my cars exhaust is clean like new and the other its black is the car trying to tell me something is it burning oil or what?

Sounds to me like the clean one is not being used at all, maybe it is a fake dual exhaust. I took that to be that you have duel exhaust, sorry. Sometimes a short drive or several short drives will leave the exhaust pipe sooty black. A good long highway drive will leave the exhaust pipe greyish white. This would be normal.

What causes black sooty exhaust?

What can cause black sooty exhaust is bad valve guides. When the guides are bad oil leaks into the cylinder when the car isn't running. When the car starts it produces black exhaust.

Why is the exhaust spitting out black deposits?

It is important to maintain a car while driving or owning one. When a car's exhaust is spitting out black deposits, it is because there is oil in the system where it does not belong.

Why Oil coming out of exhaust while car is running?

engine is burning oil could be valve seals or piston rings

What could cause blue exhaust?

Blue smoke means oil. Rings or valve seats. your car is burning oil.

My Audi A6 Estate is smoking from the exhaust and I noticed this morning oil dripping from the exhaust pipe when you started the car what could this be?

you could be leaking engine oil onto the exhaust or it could just be rusty water that is evaporating and causing the smoke.

How do you clean fingerprints and oil stain from chrome exhaust pipes?

Dawn dishwashing shop or brake clean, cherry bomb soap is also a great product

Where is the EVR filter on a 1992 town car and what do you do to clean it?

do you mean the EGR valve? The Exhaust Recirculation Valve? EGR