How do you change a 120volt to a 240volt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You wouldn't change these voltages in a car. Please be more specific.

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Q: How do you change a 120volt to a 240volt?
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How many amps can be drawn off 1kw?

depends on voltage.... 120volt = 8.33 amps , 240volt = 4.17 amps

What's the difference between 120volt and 240volt?

The difference between a 120 volt and a 240 volt is one has more power. Volts are the power that comes from a battery.

How do you replace a 120volt outlet to a 240volt?

Run a new and much larger 3 wire line to the outlet and replace the 110 outlet with a 220 type outlet that matches your new air conditioner.

Why would you get 65volt on 120volt output on a 480volt to 120volt transformer?

Your neutral May not be grounded good

Is it possible to run a computer power supply off of a 240volt utility socket I was told this would reset it as it won't run on 120volt anymore. Is there a risk of shock Do I need a thicker cable?

NO. Don't try it. Some are designed to work on either, some aren't. If it won't work on 120v, it won't work on 240v.

What is touch potential in switchyard?


Can you weld 7guage material with a 120volt mig welder?


What size wire for 240volt 30amp at 48ft?

10 AWG

How many amps do you need for 580 watt 120volt?

5 amps

Can you use a 62 wire to run a 240volt 60 amp circuit in the USA?


Which device converts 120volt ac from what if your wall to 12vdc for your computer to use?

power supply

How many watts does it require to run a 15 cubic foot 120volt freezer?