How do you change Envoy 2004 XUV speaker?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends on which speaker it is. Some speakers might only have a small cover you have to take off for others, like door speakers you may have to take off the door panel. You can do that by looking all the way around and locate all the screws and clips holding the panel on and pop it off. if it feels like it isn't budging you may not be pulling in the correct direction or you may have missed a screw. Once the speaker is visible find a replacement speaker that is the same size as the one there. If you're not sure, unscrew the one you have and unclip the speaker wires from the back and take it to a local bestbuy or other speaker store and they can tell you. Take you new speaker and connect the old wires to the connection points on the new speaker. You may have to cut the stock clip off to just get to wires. Use a wire stripper and choose the correct gauge to cut off the protective plastic, exposing about and inch and a half of wire. Twist the ends so the wires are bundled together and loopit throught the speakers conncecstion and twist secures. Then screw the speaker back in. Test the speker before puting the panel back on to be sure it works. replace the panel and your done. Don't go thru GMC because they'll over charge you for the speaker and installation if you can do this yourself. The new speaker will be a better one too.

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Q: How do you change Envoy 2004 XUV speaker?
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The GMC Envoy XUV was first introduced in 1998. The first generation lasted in production until 2000. They decided to re-release the Envoy in a second generation model that started in 2002 until 2009.

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