How do you brake on a longboard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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- footbrake: put your foot lightly on the ground as you're riding

- airbrake: stand up really tall and wide when your riding (slows you down but won't stop you

- sliding: I reccommend that you get yourself some sliding gloves, 80a up wheels and some pads and helmet and learn to slide because going over 40ks if you air brake you'll get speed wobbles and if footbrake and lose balance u'll most likley die or get seriously injured. if you need help look up how to slide on YouTube.

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Q: How do you brake on a longboard?
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which type of sliding longboard is best for skating?

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard. Playshion Drop Through Longboard Cruiser. Magneto Bamboo Longboards. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard. Slendor Longboard 42 inch Drop Through. Landyachtz Switch Longboard Complete and Colors.

What longboard holds the land speed record?

The current land speed record for a longboard is held by Mischo Erban, who reached a speed of 95.83 mph on a longboard in Quebec, Canada in 2012.

Where are silverfish longboard manufactured?

Silverfish isn't a longboard manufacturer, they are a longboarding website/forum.

What are the disadvantages of using a cheap longboard?

The disadvantages of using a cheap longboard are that they tend to be made of stiffer wood and when you ride the longboard there is no give or flexibility which gives a very unstable ride.

Which of these is used in downhill skateboarding longboard shortboard inclined board?

the force of gravity, natural force(weight), the applied force(your pushing off of the ground with your foot), and the frictional force.

Where can you get a free longboard?

Mostly on "freebe" sites were you earn a certain amout ofpoints and when you do they ship you the longboard youdesired.

What longboard trucks should you get for a Loaded deck?

It depends on your riding style, but for a Loaded board, I'd suggest something like Paris brand longboard trucks or Randal brand longboard trucks.

What is a good longboard?


What is a cheap good quality longboard?

I got a sweet element cork longboard cruise off of craigslist for $50

What are the best waves to ride a longboard on?

You can use a longboard on any type of wave but gently breaking waves are best.

What can a person expect to pay for a longboard?

A person can expect to pay approximately $150 for a standard longboard online. Again that is an approximate cost of about one hundred and fifty dollars for a longboard, which is your typical lengthy skateboard.