How do relays work in cars?

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in a car relay you would do the same thing as a regular relay except in a car.

no but if ur tlkin bout the scientific part den nooo!

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Q: How do relays work in cars?
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Where is the relay for a Ford Explorer go?

There are about 8 to 12 or more relays on most cars, headlights, starter, FI relays, HVAC, and more, but most relays are usually in the underhood power distribution box.

Why would my right side front and rear lights and signals work but not my left side?

I would need to know what kind of car you have some cars have separate fuses and relays for both sides

How relays work for electronics circuit?

A: Relays are nothing but an inductance load to electronics circuit but they do provide isolation to the outside world

My horn does not work all fuses and relays are good.?

All my fuses and relays work. My horn and cruise control do not work. Also my airbag light is flashing. Could it be the clock spring and if so How do I change it out.

Do relays stop working or is it gradual?

Relays usually go out all at once, but I have seen changes in weather such as humidity cause a relay to work intermittently.

1998 f150 wiper motor doesnt work?

check fuses or relays

What relays are in the trunk on 2003 jaguar?

I'm not sure about all of the relays, but that is where the cigarette fuse is, if your cell charger won't work it is probably the fuse located in the trunk.

Where are magnetic relays used?

They are used in lamps, heaters, automatic door locking, starters of motor cars, the electric bell, etc.

What energy cars need to work?

the energy that cars get is from the fuel

How does cars work?

=cars work by using a special power but not the same as house power or anything like that=

How do the cars solar collectors work together with the batteries?

How do the cars solar collectors work together with the batteries?

Can alternating current be switched using normally open switch relays?

Yes. In fact, induction motor 'starters' work using normally-open relays, controlled by low-current control circuits -although we call these heavy-duty relays 'contactors'.

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