How do exhausts work on a two stroke?

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The exhaust plays a great part on a 2 stroke than a 4 stroke. The exhaust system is the only thing that is scavenging the cylinder of the burn gases on a 2 stroke, verses the piston pushing most of the exhaust out on a 4 stroke.

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Q: How do exhausts work on a two stroke?
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Diffenerence between 2 stroke and 4 stroke?

The difference is in the amount of stokes the piston makes in one cycle. A four stroke will explode on one stroke turning the engine over. Then on the up stroke it pushes the exhaust out. The next down stroke fills the cylinder with fuel. On the final stroke the piston compresses the fuel and the cycle repeats. This results in four strokes of the piston. A two stroke has two strokes of the piston before it repeats the cycle. The first stroke is the explosion. The piston is pushed down. on the down stroke the piston reveals a port that exhausts, and then another port is revealed that fills the cylinder with fuel. the up stroke compresses the fuel and then the cycle repeats. The logical difference is the 2 stroke will accelerate faster

Why would a 2 stroke pour raw fuel out exhaust?

It is due to not being burned. The 2-stroke has 2 cycles burn and exhaust if no burn fuel-oil mix exhausts out of the tailpipe. Check for spark.

For what kind of vehicles are the Two Brothers exhaust systems produced?

The company Two Brothers produce exhausts to fit a range of vehicles. Generally, these exhausts fit onto vehicles such as motorbikes, including models such as Kawasaki.

What is two stroke cycle?

a two stroke cycle said that two stroke of the piston to complete firing cycle

Is a YZ80 a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

It is a two stroke...

How are two stroke engines lubricated?

Two stroke engines are lubricated by mixing special two-stroke oil in with the petrol.

Is a velosolex a two stroke?

Yes, a Vélosolex has a two-stroke engine.

Is a yz 80 a two stroke or four stroke?

2 stroke

Will four stroke oil damage two stroke engine?

You can use four stroke oil for a (very) limited period in a two stroke engine in an emergency. However it is not formulated for two stroke engines and is not recommended.

Does a kx125 have an oil filter?

depends if it is a two stroke or four. a two stroke will not be a four stroke may i am not sure

Is a yz85 a 2 stroke?

yes a yz is two stroke so any yz is 2 stroke but if it has an f on the end its a 4 stroke so a yz250 is two stroke a yz250f is 4 stroke

Advantages of two stroke engine over a four stroke engine?

Explain the advantages of four-stroke engine over two-stroke engine

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