How do cars move without gas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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make it electric cars

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Q: How do cars move without gas?
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Why do cars need a good engine?

Cars don't move without engines.

Why are cars streamlined?

Streamlining helps the cars reduce friction, which makes them have better gas mileage and be able to move faster.

Will there ever be cars without gas?

There already has been. It's called the electric car

How do fluids relate to flight?

because fluid is like a gas and without gas an airplane wont move

How come car won't start without pressing gas pedal?

On cars with a carburetor you must press on the gas pedal to activate the choke, cars with fuel injection do not have a choke so this is not necessary.

How are solar cars different from gas cars?

solar cars get energy from the sun and transfur it in to electricity gas cars burn gas to make electricity

Is gasoline mixed with ethanol bad for cars?

done properly, not really. most cars can handle a low percentage (maybe 5-10%) ethanol in their gas without harm. It will, however, reduce gas mileage.

What causes cars to move and stop?

A car will move when the gas pedal is engaged. You can control the speed of the car by the pressure you put on the gas pedal. The brake pedal will either slow the car down or stop the car entirely.

Are old cars carbon footprints different from new cars does the footprint become spent after a period of time?

The carbon footprint of a car is primarily its gas use efficiency meaning the number of miles it will travel per gallon of gas. Since all cars, old and new, burn gasoline and produce carbon dioxide to move the car, the more miles you get per gallon translates to fewer gallons of gas used to move the car. This applies to straight gas cars and hybrids (not plug in hybrids) since they all get their primary energy from gasoline.

What cars offer the best gas mileage today?

All depends on your cost range. Hybrids are great because they don't rely on gas. Small cars are great because they are lighter and therefore don't take as much power to move. Do not, however, buy and SUV. they are gas guzzlers and you will be paying more for gas.

Why are solar powered cars shaped differently than gas powered cars?

Solar powered cars are shaped differently because 1. The cars need to be aerodynamic to move faster, and 2. The shape collects more sunlight to power the car

Why is the wheel considered one of the worlds most important inventions?

to help cars and people get to place to place without wheels cars , bus and trains could not move