How do car repossessors find your car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they find your car because when you register your car and get your plates and tabs it puts it in to a record and so if you don't pay a car payment or your car is in repossession then they can look up your cars file and get your address.

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Q: How do car repossessors find your car?
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How do you know if your car has been repossessed?

Repossessors are supposed to notify law enforcement when they repossess a car.

Can they come into your garage to take your car?

Repossessors cannot enter a locked premise.

Can your car be repossesed with interlock?

Yes. Repossessors have been dealing with these things for a long time, and they know how to deal with them.

What happen if ia'm pulled over for a traffic violation and driving a repo car and kids in the car will be arrested and will my children be taken oway?

Nobody will be arrested if you are only referring to the fact that the car is up for repossession. Police only handle criminal matters, this is a civil matters. Repossessors can not report the car as stolen, however if the car is impounded for some other reason (ie., suspended DL, registration, etc.) the repossessors can take it from the impound yard. This is in fact how the lien holder can exert some pressure, if you will, because you won't be able to register the car when it expires.

How can you make the repossessors to stop coming to your job?

Pay your bills on time.

How do you find out which pirates auto recovery in or around L.A. area has your car?

Call your local law enforcement agency. In order to prevent erroneous reports of stolen autos most jurisdictions require auto repossessors or impounding companies to call the police and advise them of the license numbers and description of cars they have impounded.

If you are looking for a administration job with a repossession company how can you locate a repossessor?

maybe search on "repossessors + (your state) + jobs) ????

Do repossessors give a warning before they take home?

Yes. They must give you time to remove your personal possessions.

Is stripping your car of tires and rims if your car is up for reposession a crime?

It'll annoy the repossessors, but it won't stop the vehicle from being repossessed. The recovery business has been around as long as the automobile has, and you think they haven't figured out how to deal with this by now? On top of that, if any damage results from the lack of wheels which is determined to have been avoidable had there been wheels and tires on the car, you could be held liable.

Can repossessors try to take a car that is paid in full and never been financed just because plates of the financed car were transferred to it?

yes they can and YES they can PAY for it dearly. LOL The clowns SHOULD have checked the VIN and they wouldn't have wasted time on the wrong car. But, you violated the law by having the wrong plates on the car. You sure are slick. LOL We Were not trying to pull anything, we just purchased a new family vehicle and wanted the special plates we had on the old car on this one, and we purchased new plates for the old car. The only reason they tried to find it was because they found out and thought we were scaming them, we were not even behind on payments. They have since appologized profusely for the mistake.

Is it legal for a repo man to call in the middle of the night and tell you he is a police officer with a warrant?

Generally a policeman will not call you out of the blue like that; you may demand to see his warrant, and call a policeman yourself to report possible fraud and/or theft and/or impersonation of a policeman. If you receive the call on your landline or mobile telephone and you have caller ID, and the number is displayed, record the number. Repossessors generally cannot obtain warrants. Only prosecutors may obtain warrants. Repossessors however may seize your car without a warrant if you have genuinely fallen behind on your payments. However repossessors cannot misrepresent themselves as law enforcement personnel. Therefore, because the law prohibits people from impersonating police officers, no, a repoman cannot do what he has stated in your example. He may only seize the car without warning. However you may have an advantage as this may give you time to contact law enforcement and/or legal counsel and/or local prosecutors yourself.

Can a bank repossess a car before the last day of payment?

Unless it's explicitly stated in the fine print that they can't do any such thing, they have a right to repossess the moment the payment is rendered late, if they so wish. However, if you have documentation from the bank showing them explicitly giving you a deadline date, and they come to repossess before then, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. However, you would need to find out if it was the bank which had your car repossessed on that particular day, or if it was the repossessors jumping the gun and going forth with it before the date which they were specified to take possession of the vehicle.