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Process similar to Class C but in many states must be over 21 or 25 (for insurance) and take written/driving test in semi w/trailer. Easiest way is truck driving school-but think carefully. Your first 2 years of work will be long haul driving in the snow etc and places like New york and you will almost never be home and have to live in it. If you survive that, later (maybe) you can get a job locally

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Q: How do I get a class A driving license and I only had my class C for 4 months.?
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How do I get a class A driving license and I only had my class C for only 4 month's.?

Go to a truck driving school

If you are 16 and have your permit and you get married can you get your driver license?

You can only get your driver's license 6 months AFTER you take the permit test and of course, pass the driving test.

Can a 16 year old get a drivers license to get back and forth to school if they have only had a learners permit for 10 months?

Fortunately, yes. They must have at least a Class D license; a Class CP is only a permit. If the 16 year old is caught, he may be prohibited from driving for up to ten years and fined, along with the parent of the person. In California, it is legal to drive to school at 16 with a permit if Mom or Dad (or and California-licensed driver over 25) is sitting next to you. Driving alone to school is NOT permitted on a permit.

Can you use a Qatar driving license in Bahrain?

yes it can be used Bahrain driving licence can be used in all GCC countries :)

Do you need to hold a driving license to buy a car in the UK?

No, you only need a driving license to drive it.

Can a Ontario G1 Driver drive with someone other then a parent?

Yes... only if they have 4 years of driving experience and G class license

Can a seventeen year old teen get a drivers license?

Hi, Yes a 17 year old person may get a license, but only L's which is where another license driver has to be in the car while the Learner is driving for at least 12 months.

Do you have to wait 5 months after you get permit to get your license in Arizona?

I think it's six months unless your 18 or over, then you only need it for 30 days. Both ways you still have to take a driving test.

Can you be deported for driving on a suspended license?

Only if you are illegal

When your driver's license is revoked it means that it is taken away for only 6 months?

When your driver's license is revoked, it means that it is taken away for only six months.

Can you drive in UK with a driving license of India?

Assuming the license is a driver's license and not some other kind, you will need to pass an additional test in the UK, as the DVLA does not recognise a Pakistan license for the purposes of exchanging a full license.

Age limit for driving license in Malaysia?

For Motorcycle, Class B-full, B1 and B2, you can start learning to drive only at the age of 16. For normal car, Class D, you can start at the age of 17.