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When you step on the pedal, the throttle valve opens to allow entry of air. The engine control unit increases the fuel rate to allow more air into the engine. Sensors monitor the amount of air entering the engine.

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Q: How do Electric fuel injection system work?
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How does electric fuel injection work?

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How can you wire a fuel injection engine up in a vechicle which did not have injection before?

There is not an easy way to do this. An injection system has to have a computer to work and a computer for a carburetor system will not work. There are some after market systems that include all the parts, but are usually expensive.

Can you fix the connection at the fuel filter with silicone?

No. The system runs on about 35 PSI and it won't work. Neither will regular fuel line. It must be fuel injection hose.

What is the defeniton of a fossil fuel power plant?

A fossil fuel power plant is a system of devices for the conversion of fossil fuel energy to mechanical work or electric energy

Is gasoline and electrct two fuel dilevering system?

No. Two fuel-delivering systems would be carburetion and injection. Gasoline and electricity are two things that carry potential energy to do work.

What does the check gauges light mean on a 96 Chevy Tahoe?

usually related to fuel injection or smog control. check O2 sensor or catilitic converter first.dirty gas grunge also build up in the arms of the fuel injection system. if a injection cleaner doesn't work, they need to be physically cleaned.

How convert a carburetor suzuki madura 1200cc to fuel ijection?

the only way to put fuel injection on a bike with carbs is can the ignitopn and carbs and have some whiz kid map you a new igniton system and have a fuel injector system that might work with a madura

How does the Kia Sedona fuel system work?

how does fuel system work

Will a electric fuel pump mounted in the engine compartment work on a 1999 firebird?

No, well possibly if you make some modifications to the system.

How does the secondary air injection system work?

An air pump pumps in fresh air into the exhaust system before the catalytic converter to help the cat converter burn unburned fuel = cleaner emissions.

How does a single point injection work?

A step up from the carburetor, single point injection AKA throttle body injection is the earliest and simplest type of fuel injection. Single-point simply replaces the carburetor with one fuel-injector nozzle in the throttle body. Air/fuel ratio is controlled electronically depending on demand.

Can you put a 4 barrel carbureator on a 1992 Chevy 4.3 v6 vortec?

Yes, but it is a lot of work, fuel pump change, adapter plate, new fuel lines. The injection system will give you more horsepower and mileage by better fuel delivery.