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With motor vehicle theft topping the charts as the #1 property crime in the U.S., LoJack fills a clear market need for an effective stolen vehicle recovery solution. The LoJackå¨ Stolen Vehicle Recovery System provides car owners with peace of mind knowing that if their vehicle is stolen, they have the best chance of getting it back.

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Q: How could one find a stolen vehicle with LoJack?
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Can you used lojack to find stolen PC with your laptop?


What are some name brands of Stolen Vehicle tracking devices?

LoJack is the most common brand of stolen vehicle tracking devices. You can find more information, as well as order these online, at

How do you bypass lojack when you lost key?

The idea behind Lojack is, when your car is stolen, the police contact Lojack and the vehicle location is sent to the police and they find it for you. You may be thinking of Onstar. Onstar is constantly on, and if you lose your key you can contact them by phone, identify yourself, and they'll help you.

What do i do get if my car gets stolen?

The answer should be very obvoius: CALL THE POLICE! They will take a description of your vehicle and they'll put it in the database of stolen cars. IF you have an auto tracking device such as lojack, give them your VIN and they'll activate your lojack and track your car on a computer and they should be able to find it.

How do you disable On Star or Lojack in a vehicle?

on star: dont pay, turn off,disconect power, refuse service lojack: vehicle powered system has a backup battery; self-powered system operates on its own battery, disconnecting power isn't the best solution. Best to try and find and then remove unit.

How can you find out if a vehicle has ever been stolen?

yes if it has a g.p.s.

How long will it take a repo man to find your car in North Carolina?

Situation dependent. They could find it on the first day they look for it, or it could take a while. If the vehicle is at the address listed on the loan, expect them to find it quickly. If you hide the vehicle and claim not to know its location, expect it to be reported stolen.

How could you find out the car you have is stolen or not?

Ask the Policeman "is ma car stolen mate"

Can a vehicle that the repo man cannot find even after a year be listed as stolen?

Not to my knowledge. The lender cant say its stolen because they LET you take it from their possession. You havent said its stolen OR you would have a police report to show it was. So, it's NOT stolen, you are hiding it to hinder repossession. Hope that's not a felony in your state. My contracts state that if the borrower takes the vehicle out of state when in default that I could report the vehicle stolen. I never have tried, but I did pay an attorney to draft them up for me years ago. In wild and lawless Nevada...

How can you disable lojack in a car?

You pretty much can't. In order to disable it you would have to physically have the LoJack unit removed from the car. Nearly impossible to find as there are 30 different potential locations for the unit and owners aren't even allowed to know where it is located. I work for LoJack :)

What is the value of your stolen paid for 1998 GM Tracker?

Depends on where you live, mileage on the stolen vehicle, condition, & accessories. Go to to find the value.

Can your car be taken if you find out it has a stolen engine?

It could be, yes.