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It is rare for a water pump to stop pumping, even if they are leaking, they are still pumping as long as the belt is there and tight. I would change the thermostst first. There are a few water pumps out there that have a plastic impeller and I have seen them break apart but that is rare.

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2010-01-23 16:45:32
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Q: How can you tell if the water pump needs to be replaced or if its the themostat on your jag s-type?
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Can you put only water in your engine coolant bottle?

Yes, it is best to use distilled water and the anti-freeze has to be replaced before it gets too cold.!

What is distilled water good for?

The main everyday uses, are to fill steam irons and top up car batteries. Laboratories also use it where water needs to be added to some experiment.

What is wrong with my car won't hold water?

If your car will not hold water you should first check your radiator for holes and leaks. This should be done with the engine turned off. If you do not find any leaks coming from the radiator and the water stays inside, turn on your vehicle and let it idle. If you notice water leaking from the vehicle while it is running, then your water pump is bad and will need to be replaced.

How long after a windshield replacement can a car be washed?

As soon as the wind shield has been replaced the car can be washed. The wind shield sealant used only takes a few minutes to set and become water tight.

How does the supercoolant liquids affect the car engines efficiency?

Its supposed to increase efficiency and safety a lot. its not water based so it doesn't turn to steam like typical coolant. Typical coolant is under pressure to raise the boiling point so when an engine is hot and a hose breaks or a cap is removed, the pressure drops, also dropping the boiling point which make the coolant instantly boil over and flash to steam from what I've read in the past you don't need to pressurize the system so you can technically run it in a vented state, doing so would have no extra strain on the water pump thus increasing efficiency there as well. and then there's a lot more additives that can help keep parts lubricated as well as anti corrosives. water is very corrosive, brown antifreeze is very common with a bad mix(too much water) so the coolant looses its effectiveness, water cools better than antifreeze but antifreeze is not to only keep the water from freezing, it has additives to prevent rust and lubricate the water pump.. antifreeze also breaks down and needs replacement about once a year.. the super-coolant is longer lasting, I believe you just keep it full, it doesn't need to be flushed and replaced, but its much more expensive and the engine needs a strong flush if it was running traditional coolant prior..

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2006 Chevy pickup 5.3 L 4wd overheating replaced themostat still over heating Removed themostat still overheating?

May have a bad water pump, otherwise make sure your coolant system has pressure. this can cause over heating.

Can you drive your car with a water pump that needs to be replaced?


How do you replace the thermostat and the water pump on a 2001 SL2?

look at the water pump right behind it is the water inlet to radiator just remove two bolts and pull out old themostat new themostat will also have directions with pics probally

Why does your toilet keep dripping water into the bowl?

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How do you repair 96 Chevy beretta water pump?

You cannot repair the water pump. It needs to be replaced.

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Test your water for TDS and calcium hardness to decide if water needs to be replaced.

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It can be something as simple as that they are broken and needs to be replaced. Or the internal spring holding it could have worn out as well and also needs to be replaced.

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The thread on the tap has broken and needs to be replaced.

What is the reason for the water boiling on an opel corsa?

The head gasket has blown and needs to be replaced.

How do you know when the water pump needs replaced?

Your car will most likely overheat because the water will not circulate properly

Where is the location of the themostat on a 2000 GMC Yukon?

it mounted in the water pump on the lower radiator hose

How do you tell if your water pump needs to be replaced?

There is a small hole in the bottom that is designed to leak when the water pump bearing is goin out

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