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take them with you, or guard dogs

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Q: How can you prevent your rims from being stolen?
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How can you prevent art from being stolen?

You can prevent art from being stolen by using an alarm system. You can also set up video cameras and signs noting their usage to prevent would be thieves.

How do you prevent the iPad from being stolen?

Dont let somebody steel it.

If your rims got stolen and you wanted to report them stolen how would they be found?

Not possible to report them stolen unless they go jacked off in a car lot

Which is not a step to prevent your car from being stolen?

Leaving valuable items in vehicle unattended in plain site

How many cats get stolen?

it depends on where the are being stolen from. it depends on where the are being stolen from.

Do Super Soakers get stolen from any Walgreens?

Super Soakers are a seasonal item sold in the toy section of Walgreens. Some Walgreen stores may use security tags to prevent Super Soakers from being stolen.

What can you do if a seller will not give you a sales receipt for rims and tires?

Do NOT buy them as they could be stolen and that would make you an aacessory to theft.

Will 20 inch rims fit a 65 mustang?

yes they will as long as you have a very low profile tire to fit on the rims to prevent the tires from rubbing in the wheelwells

What do you need to do for 24 inch rims to fit on a chrysler 300?

You should purchase a kit that will prevent your rims from scrubbing the car. Without the kit, you can damage your tires and the car.

my toyota camry 1990 had the stock rims & tires stolen i need to replace them.need some help.please ?

You can find the factory rims listed on right now,the tires can be purchased at any local tire shop.

How do you report a vehicle that is being hidden or concealed to prevent repossession?

If you find a stolen car being hidden, call the cops and tell them where u are. you show them the stolen car. If it has a lisends plate, the cops will look it up and the computer will say whose car it is, they tell the person that owns the car it was stolen. she/he will take it back, but not before the cops look for fingerprints on the stering wheel to see who stole it. the end

Should pawn shops be illegal?

No. But they should be regulated to prevent being used as a fence for stolen goods. The service they provide is for loans to those who could otherwise not get access to capital.