How can you improve cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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put nos in cars

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Q: How can you improve cars?
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What are exhaust tips. What do they do for cars?

Improve appearance

How did cars improve in the 1920s?

self starters

Why do you have streamlined cars?

Helps improve fuel mileage.

What has stockport done to improve traffic?

Banned cars

How does electroplating improve cars?

It prevents the body from rusting.

What are the best modifications you can install to improve your cars speed?

A turbo.

How did technology improve for cars?

it helped them so they don't hurt the environment

What does auto body work do?

They fix cars and do stuff like that they also paint and improve them

Space exploration technology has been used to improve?

computers, cars, and medical equipment.

Why was the first holden made?

I am pretty sure it was made either to make money or to improve cars

Does a seat belts improve the safety of cars?

No, it improves the safety of the occupants of the car. Thwere is no doubt that it does.

Why are cars fitted with shock absorbers?

They take the "bounce" out of the suspension, improve the ride and handling performance.