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I have a 24 inch universal rim 10 lug trying to put it on my 2007 GMC Acadia it is a 6 lug is it possible to get it to fit

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Q: How can you get a 10 lug uneversal rim to fit a 6 lug?
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How do you get a10 lug to fit a six lug?

I have a 24 inch universal rim a 10 lug and I have 2007 GMC Acadia its a 6 lug is there any way possible to make it fit It will either fit or it will not. If it does not fit then there is no way to make it fit.

Will 5 lugs fit a 10- lug universal rim?

Maybe, with out knowing bolt patterns,

What is the biggest rim size you can put on a 88 s-10 blazer?

You can use ANY size rim made with the same lug patteren. However ofcoures the larger the rim the smaller the tire. Most if not all tire dealers can tell you the combinations Tire/rim that will fit.

Will a 11 in tire work on a 10 in rim on an ATV?

NO, it will not fit the rim safely

Can a 9.5 inch tire fit a 10 inch rim?

No way, 9.5 is smaller then 10 so it will not fit.

Will 235 75 15 tires fit on a 10 inch wide rim?


Do 10 lug universal rims fit 6 lug?

No. Six lugs won't fit. The 10-lug rims that I know about have 2 sets of 5 holes which are on two different diameters. There is room between the holes on a 5 bolt 5" diameter pattern for another set of 5 holes at 5.5" diameter.

Can a rem sp 10 barrel be made to fit a Ithica mag 10?

Yes the locking lug can be ground down on the rem barrel to fit the receiver with a dremel tool.

Can a 10 inch tire fit on a 7 inch rim?

You must know the answer is NO. Not necessarily true, we're talking about width I assume, the section width of the tire 10" in this case is measured at the widest part of the tire. The bead, the part of the tire that sits on the wheel, is significantly narrower. Just as an example P245/55R20, which is a 10" wide tire lists the apporved rim width as 7.0"-9.0", so depending on the exact size it is very possible that your 10" wide tire could go on a 7" wide rim.

What is the smallest rim that a 295 50 15 tire will fit?

the last # on your tire is the size rim you need for that tire 295 50 15 /15 inch rim I am sure you know it must be a 15" rim and were asking about the width of the rim. You need at least a 9" wide rim but a 10" would be even better to avoid tire bulge.

What tires fit a 15 x 10 rim?

I got a set of 275x60x15 on a 1996 chey 1500 2wd and they look good

Can you fit a 18 by 10 rim with a 22 or 24 offset on a 87 93 mustang?

im not sure about the offset but i know a 17x10 wheel will fit if you remove the quadshocks and roll the fender lip