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You can't. This information is recorded by the department of motor vehicals and widely used by the the police. Unfortunately, neither of them will release the information unless you know them personally as that information is protected.

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Q: How can you find out who owns a car if you have the license plate number?
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Can you find who owns a horse trailer by license plate or trailer id number?



The state actually owns the license plate itself. As for the owner of the vehicle the plate is attached to, that's not for you to know.

Who owns Texas vehicle license plate number p43lrl?

This type of information will not be given from within WIkiAnswers.

How can you find out who owns a vehicle?

You would need the license plate number and the model and year of the car and the state the license plate is registered in.Take it in to the local police station and ask who owns the car but you would have to make an invalid police report and I'm pretty sure that's a felony.The only sure way to do that and not get caught is if someone in the government was a friend of yours and they searched it in their system.

Who owns the sc license plate AQT 998?

A South Carolina Resident.

Who owns the Florida license plate H45-4SC?

Such information is not available to the general public.

Who owns vehicle registration y98 bnh?

If Y98BNH is a license plate number, then you need to go to the Vehicle Registration office or Department of Motor Vehicles to do an inquiry.

You want to find out who owns the vehicle license Honda 289 UXU Nevada?

I want to find out who owns the vehicle license Honda 289 UXU Nevada

What does the number 800 on Barack Obama's license plate stand for?

First, it is not clear that President Obama's license plate has an 800 on it. Most presidents are driven around in official cars with special plates. They do not use their own car. Federal employees have special license plates that say "U.S. Government" at the top, and many have an initial at the beginning of the license number that reflect the agency which owns the vehicle. I enclose a link that explains some of these licenses.

How do you find the owner of number plate?

Contact Your Local Motor Vehicle Office and or just to police station & ask em who owns this vechile

Can you find out who owns a car for free with just knowing the license plate number?

No, you cannot. Law Enforcement officials can access this data from the DMV records, but disclosing this to non-authorized individuals can be an infraction, or even a criminal offense. An attorney can file to obtain ownership records for legal purposes.

Who owns License plate nyp 2165?

This information is not available to the general public, I suspect. ---- NYP on a NJ or NY license plate stands for New York Press. the vehicles owner is likely employed by a radio, TV, or newspaper in New York.