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Thouroughly inspect the vehicle for a placard or sticker which should contain the Make/Model/Year of Manufacture and other information, much as you would find in the door frame of your car or truck. Start by checking under the hood of the camper (if it is so equipped as a motorhome). If not, then check inside all cupboards and cabinets also.

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2008-09-17 04:43:41
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Q: How can you find out what type of travel trailer you have with out a title?
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How do you get a Trailer certificate of origin on a used trailer without a title?

Create your own home made trailer "Certificate of Origin". Title it "Certificate of Origin" include on it typical title and registrations details: Empty Weight (Obtain Certified Ticket of weight from a local CAT Scale establishment), Gross Vehicle weight (Usually 3500 LBS per Standard Axel), Under make or Model use "Homemade" as the type. Below the information type an AFFIDAVIT that you manufactured the trailer from owned recycled or scrape materials for your own use to road worthy standards. Deliver this Certificate with your "certified" Empty weight Certificate to your local DMV Registration office endorsed. Most State accept this but few may require a certification from a local service dealer of working lights etc... You can find a Certified Scale at most Truck Stops or Scrap Yards. Good Luck.

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Do you need a cdl to drive a one ton pickup and gooseneck trailer?

If the Gross Combination Weight Rating (the combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the truck and of the trailer) is in excess of 26,000 lbs., and the vehicle is of a type which does not fall under an exemption to CDL requirements (emergency vehicle, registered farm vehicle, military vehicle, or recreational vehicle), then yes, you need a CDL.

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