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You can look on the internet to find the fair market value for trucks and other vehicles. You can also pick up a book listing the Fair market value in a store. Usually these are free.

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Q: How can you determine the fair market value of a used bucket truck?
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How is the total market value of a corporation determine?

by it's market capitalization

Prices in a market economy determine?

Prices in a market economy help determine the equilibrium. Consumers will not pay a price higher than its perceived value.

What is use to determine the value of one currency against another?

The currency market.

Does state farm insurance use the trade in value or the retail value of a car to determine the value of a car if totaled?

They use a market value guide.

Where on the balance sheet would you look to determine the market value of an asset?

Company financial statements normally don't show the market value of assets but in "Notes to financial statement" section company may provide the market value of assets.

What is the salvage value of a 2005 Kia Sedona?

Take the normal market value of the vehicle and multiply it by 15-20%. You can do this at to determine the value.

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current market capitalization may refer to the the value that you see today is the sum of the free float market capital of the thirty companies relative to the base market capital. base market capitalization refers to The value of a set of securities at a particular time. The base market value of a set of securities is used to determine the value of an index.

What blue book value is used to find how much an insurance company has to pay when a vehicle is totaled trade-in retail or private party?

Blue Book, which is actually an Orange Book, Is not used to determine value by Insurers. It can be used as guide only. Insurers determine value based on the Market.. Meaning they use market value or Actual cash value to determine a vehicles value. This is the average cost it would be to buy the same or similar vehicle.

Where can I find the market value for my car?

There is nothing worse then over paying for a car so it is always smart to check the market value for any new or used car. The blue book has been used for many years to determine the market value of a car.

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A good way to determine the market value of anything is to look on eBay at closed auctions to see what they sold for.

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The real value of marketing research is in the efficiency of advertising dollars. Marketing research can help to determine the proper market segmentation, target market, and pricing for products.

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