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One son is also a father.

Grand father (father), father (father&son), son (son).

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Q: How can two fathers and two sons divide three cars with each receiving one?
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How can two fathers and two sons divide three automobiles amongst themselves with each having one?

If there are two fathers and two sons, they can divide the three automobiles in the following way: the first father gets one automobile, the second father gets another automobile, and one automobile is given to one of the sons. This way, each person - the two fathers and the two sons - will have one automobile.

How can 2 fathers and 2 sons divide three cars among themselves with each one getting one?

This is a riddle where the answer revolves around the status of being a father or a son. There are only 3 cars, and each person gets one, so there can only be 3 people. Thus one of the fathers must also be one of the sons. This can be achieved by having the 3 people as grandfather, father, and son. That means there are two sons, and two fathers, but only 3 people.

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