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The best thing to do if you want to get your electrical wires organized whether it be in your house or for your car is go to a professional. Either a mechanic or an electrician can come over for a per hour fee and re-wire and re-organize all of the wires so your electrical items will perform more efficiently. However, if you fill as though you are proficient enough in the skill, you can do some short-term research through Google or Bing to brush-up on correct techniques and skills and then locate your terminal in your home or the correct mechanics in your car and perform the task at your leisure.

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Q: How can one get their electrical wires organized?
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Can you splice wires in an electrical panel?

yes wires is electrical panel

What is the use of electrical?

To strip electrical wires and to twist mutliple wires together.

How would you define computer cable management?

Computer management is when one has full control or organized method of controlling all the wires going into and coming out of a computer. This also means the wires are organized neatly.

Compared to thin wires electrical resistance in thick wires are?

The electrical resistance in thick wires is less than thin.

Do electrical wires affect the voltage?

electrical wires are selected to satisfy with the desired conditions and supply.

What are connecting wires?

Connecting wires in electrical terms is called an electrical splice. All electrical splices have to be made in a junction box.

How does electrical energy travel?

Through electrical wires.

Which electrical wires bring electricity to an electrical device or motor?

which electrical wires bring electricity to an electrical device or motor The cable, otherwise known as the flex or the lead.

How was electricity captured inside of electrical wires?

Electricity is not "captured" inside of electrical wires. The question makes no sense.

What common elements are electrical wires composed out of?

The two most comon metals that electrical wires are made from are aluminum and copper.

Why can transition metals be used to make electrical wires?

Their high conductivity is why transition metals are used to make electrical wires.

Why live and neutral wire essential for proper working of electrical circuit?

Two wires are always needed to supply electrical equipment so that the current has a complete circuit to flow in. One of the wires is earthed at the supply transformer, that one is called the neutral, and the other one is the live.