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i am giving my parents a car i am still paying for the car can they get insurance without me

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Q: How can my mom insure a car still in my name?
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Can your mom insure your car and you register the car?

If her name is on the registration of the car and she drives it sometimes.

When living at home with mom can she insure a car for herself and daughter?

If the daughter lives in the same household, they should be able to share policies.

Will your mom's insurance go up if you got a ticket in her car but you're not on her insurance?

== == The insurance company will decide if they still want to INSURE Mom, seeing as she lets UN-INSURED drivers use her car. They would be well with-in their legal rights to cancel her insurance outright for that. And after she is canceled by one company, she will have a lot of trouble to get ANY insurance coverage at all.

My name is on the title of my car and my mom took my car away and she wont give it back to me cans he do that?

i own a car the titles in my name my mom took the car and wont give it backto me can she do that

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I am getting my mom's car but my mom wants me to get my own insurance instead of under her policy. So does she need to transfer the title and registration under my name?

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If you insure your mother's car who doesn't drive and you are listed as the primary driver and are involved in an accident with your husband can you still ask for diminished value for your Mom's car?

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