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There are multiple charity organisations that have programs for car donations. Those organisations will typically also handle all the needed paper work as well as the pick up of the vehicle.

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Q: How can an automobile donation be carried out?
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What are some good automobile donation charities?

There are several reliable automobile donation charities to choose from when considering donating your car. CharityCar is a popular donate a car to charity operation, or Automobile Donation.

What are some tips when donating an automobile to charity?

There are several things to consider before donating an automobile to charity. One should always remember to get some sort of proof of the donation such as a receipt for tax purposes. If one wishes to get the highest possible tax deduction for their donation, then one should make sure that the charity accepting the automobile will be using it or giving to it somebody who will be using it.

What are some automobile donate services online?

There are many different online services that can help you donate your vehicle to charity. Some of these sites include Car Donation Services, Kars 4 Kids, and Action Donation.

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