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Blue Book values are determined by several things. They judge a car by year, the shape it is in and what kind of equipment it has.

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Q: How are Blue Book values for used cars determined?
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Is there a book for guns like the blue book for cars on line?

There are several. The Blue Book of Gun Values, Gun Trader's Guide, etc.

Where can one find the official Blue Book values for used cars?

One can find the official Blue Book value for used cars online via websites run by companies such as Kelly's Blue Book, Autotrader, Cars, and NADA Guides.

What is the blue book price for cars?

Refers to kelley blue book-a dealer's guide. You can check values online & they have it in print as well.

Could you inform me about black book car values?

Black book car values are values for used cars determined by a specific company. The values depend on the car's make/model and condition. Black book car values can be found online.

Where would I find a blue book of used cars?

Kelly Blue Book is the preeminent source for used car values. Another good source is Edmonds, they give values as well as reviews for each model. Cars is also a useful site.

Who wrote the book for consumers called What's The Value of My Car?

If you are talking about the Kelley Blue Book, for the blue book value of cars. The first Blue Book of Motor Car Values was published in 1926 by Les Kelley.

How will I know the used car values?

If you want to know the value of the used cars, you can always go to Blue Book value of used cars online and see how much they're worth. The Blue Book is always free online and, Blue Book gives you good results.

Where can I find the blue book value for my car online?

you can find fair prices for blue book value for use cars at official Kelly blue book you will get new and use values prices I hope that helps out with what you are looking for.

Is there a book for guns like the blue book for cars?

call: 1-800-877-4867 ask for copy of the BLUE BOOK, 28th edition....for gun values cost $39.95 + S&H

What book offers a comprehensive list of classic car values?

One book which is most popular, known as 'the Kelly blue book' lists the ideal amount of car values. This book, due to its popularity, is most up to date and gives all recent values on cars.

Where can I look for car values of used cars?

If you are looking for the car values of used cars, there are many things that may assist you. The Kelley Blue Book and AutoTrader are both reliable and popular ways of finding such information.

What's the best place to look for a cars blue book value?

blue book values can be found on the internet you can do a search of the year make and model and condition of your vehicle and you can get a price range that way