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How - with cooling oil

Why - because friction causes heat, and overheating is bad for moving parts.

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2010-12-15 12:48:38
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Q: How and why friction is cut down in a car engine?
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What is used to cut down friction in a car engine?

How- cooling oil why- overheating is bad for the engine parts

Why is friction cut down in a car engine?

Friction is cut down in a car engine for two very important reasons. First, cutting down friction increases horsepower. It takes horsepower to overcome friction; so anything that can be done to cut down friction will increase the horsepower. Second, friction causes heat to be produced. Too much heat is bad, because if the engine gets too hot, then metal is softened and weakened, leading to failure of engine parts. The engine has a cooling system to remove unwanted heat, but too much friction would require a larger and more efficient cooling system to remove the excess heat, which would add expense and weight to the car. Motor oil is used to cut down the friction in the car engine. Also, very close tolerances in production of engine parts helps to cut down friction.

How does gravity and friction affect auto racing?

Gravity is good. It keeps the cars down on the track, and the fans in their seats. Friction is bad. If there was no friction, then you could cut your engine when you hit 200 and just keep going. But friction robs your kinetic energy, so if you back off your engine, then your car slows down.

Why is friction cut down in a hovercraft?

How is friction cut down in a hovercraft? This is done by hovering over the surface Why is friction cut down in a hovercraft? Because the surface of the hovercraft is smooth

Where do racing car drivers not want friction and why?

Down the straights because it can slow their top dpeed down and they need to cut through the air as cleanly as possible.

What makes a car aerodynamics?

its ability to cut through the air with minimal friction.

How does the body cut down friction at joints?

The body has cartilage in the joints to reduce friction and as a natural shock absorber.

How and why is friction cut down in a hovercraft?

Friction is cut down in a hovercraft by the large volume of air that blows out from under the skirt, making the skirt rise above the ground. In essence, the hovercraft is floating on a bubble of air, and has very little friction with respect to the ground.

What are the Small balls that help cut down on friction inside machines?

Ball bearings

Why is friction cut down on a dance floor?

Friction on a dancefloor is reduced by the highly polished floor and leather bottomed shoes worn by the dancers

How does an engine turn off?

Gasoline engine - spark is cut off when ignition is turned off Diesel engine- fuel is cut off when engine is shut down

Why does your car engine cut out when going uphill?

Time for a tune up.

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