How Gas Safety Device Works?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Life safety Device Gasfuse when automatically shut off Gas Supply :

Gas Safety Device will automatically shut off gas supply from the cylinder due to major leakages of gas cause due to:

1.The reputing of a tube or pulling of the stove or regulator

2.The regulator failed to function properly

3.The catching fire

Gas Safety Device will not shut off it

1. a minor leakage occurs in this case it refers to instruction covered under the heading how to test for minor leaks

2. the controls of an appliances (gas stove) in until conditions are left on position

3. There is insufficient flow through the spot where the leakage is occurring

4. Supply line is too small

5. The gas system is mounted or placed near a corrosive area or an area which is subjected to vibration

In most of the cases where ha a rapture and if there is insufficient flow due to blockage restriction or the supply line diameter internal is too small LSD may not be activated Automatic shut off may occur if gas consumption is excessive above cylinder pressure how were is shut off continually occurs it is advisable to have the system safety until the problem has been rectified in such a situation it is also possible that cylinder may need refilling Shut off is indicated by the LSD when the dial needle suddenly return to zero if shut off occurs the gas stove controls may be turned to off position and procedure for how to best for minor leaks should be repeated if continues shut off occurs the LPG system would need to be rectified by an authorized gas filter A extreme temperature and severe winter condition LS will shut off gas supply and not function properly

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Q: How Gas Safety Device Works?
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