Horsepower of stihl 056 super

Updated: 4/28/2022
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87cc, 6.1 horsepower. Mine is a 1985 model.

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Q: Horsepower of stihl 056 super
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Horsepower of a stihl 051 super?

I have written in my Stihl 051 AV electronic Owner\'s manual that its horsepower is 5.8 hp at 7,000 rpm. I don\'t know if that is true for a Stihl 051 super. I have never heard of a Stihl 051 super.

What is the difference between a stihl 056 056 super and 056 magnum?

The 056 was the original, the Super had a piston that was 2mm larger in diameter and an slight carburetor change. The Magnum had the same piston as the Super, but had a carburetor and ignition change, The one you did not ask about was the Magnum II (of which only 70 some were made) had a major carb change, a muffler change and an ignition change. It could be further modified in the muffler.

056 AV stihl chainsaw what year was it made?

The 056 was made from the late 1970's to the mid 1980's.

What are the engine specs on stihl 056 II?

The Stihl 056 II features a 4.4 cubic inch (72 cc) engine with a power output of around 5.4 hp. It has a bore of 52 mm and a stroke of 38 mm, making it a robust and powerful chainsaw suitable for demanding tasks.

What is the bore and stroke for a stihl 056 chainsaw?

That has no singular answer since there were the regular model, the Super and the Magnum. The stroke remained the same on all three at 38mm. The list is: 056 AVE 52mm x 38mm 056 AVSE 54mm x 38mm 056 AVSEQ 54mm x 38mm 056 Magnum AVE 56mm x 38mm 056 Magnum AVEQ 56mm x 38mm AV = anti-vibration or shock mounted E = electronic ignition S = Super Q = Quickstop or chainbrake

What are the specs for a Stihl 029 super chainsaw?

STIHL 029 SUPER 56.5CC 3.8HP

What is the horsepower of a stihl 066 chainsaw?

92cc 7hp

What cc is a stihl 029 super chain saw?

Stihl 029 super 56.5cc 3.8hp

What are the stihl 036 pro specifications?

The Stihl 036 Pro is 61.5cc with a 34mm stroke, 48mm bore, and makes 4.6 horsepower at 9500 rpm.

What are the specs for a Stihl 028 super chainsaw?


What does super stand for on stihl chainsaws?

usually the super means a slightly larger displacement

What cc is a stihl 038 chainsaw?

68.7cc the super is 72