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actuator could be defaulted, causing the blend doors not open from heat to cold.

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Q: Heat does not work in the front but it work in the back?
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What is wrong with front heat of 2004 Mazda MPV when back heat is working properly?

just checking why heat in front don't work and heat in back dose 2003 Mazda mpv

Heat will not work in the dash of a 1993 ford van the heat works great in the back blower How do you fix the heat problem from the front blower front blower will blow hot for a few seconds then cold?

heat works in back not in front front blows hot for a few mins then cold

Why does your rear air only work sometimes in your 1994 ford econoline conversion van?

You rear heat will only work if your front heat is on heat and feet. If it is on vent at the front of the van it will not heat the rear of the van. Not sure why but that is how ford designed it.

What would be the reason your rear heat wouldn't work in your 1998 Pontiac Montana but the front does work back makes noise but no heat produced or even air Fuses have been replaced?

usally there is a valve. Should be in the collant line that goes to the back heater. So when you turn on the heat it opens the valve to let the collant into the back heater and then closes when you shut off the rear heat. follow the heater lines from the back and see if there is a valve hope this helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you fill the window washer tank and the back still doesn't work is it broken?

does the front work? if the front DOES work, it may just be the hose to the back has a leak/hole.

When the heat is on why would the back vents of a 2004 dodge durango blow cold air and the front blow hot?

The control for the heat on the dash has a control for the back seat and also has a setting that says something like "Rear Control". This allows the passengers in the back seat to control their heat independently via a temperature control in the back seat (on the back of the center console). So you could have the heat on in the front and the rear on "rear control" and if the passenger in the back has set their control to cold, it wold blow cold air in the back even though you have the heat on in the front.

Why does the rear heat on a 2004 ext trailblazer work only half the time And is this heat from the engine or is it heat coil in the rear?

The heat is transfered from the front vents and does not work when the defrost mode is on.

Heat in the back of your 2000 Chevy venture van but not in front why notonly works for amin then blows cold air?

if you heat in back but not front is usually caused by front heatercore stopped up. you can try to back flush heatercore. also make sure to get air out of system using bleeder screws.

Why does the heat not work in the front of my 1998 Chevy Venture LS and only works in the back Why does the temperature go from HOT to cold in the front of my van when I turn the heat on?

There is a heater blend door actuator on the drivers side foot well, near the gas pedal. They tend to go bad and it doesn't open the door to let the heat go to the front. Looks like this. Costs about $40-$50.

Why would rear heat in van work but front heat don't get hot?

Because the rear heat and front hear are 2 different systems. If for example the front heater coil has broken the rear one may still be functioning. Front heater core could be plugged up. Try flushing it out.

Why are room heaters kept in front of silver coated plates?

To reflect heat back into the room.

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