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It is my belief that Melvin has been sacrificed, many of people have been wondering what happened to Melvin. Around two years ago I read an article that stated Melvin left the After 7 Group to be a truck driver and never heard anything else nor saw any recent photos of Melvin. It is just sad what these Celebs get them selves into and they are not happy at all on the inside. Fiil in the banks i---mi--ti killing people, Jesus is coming soon!

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Q: Has melvin edmonds of r and b group after 7 died?
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Does Kenny babyface edmonds have a brother named melvin?

yes, he was part of the singing group After 7 with their younger brother Kevon.

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Dr. Ruth Ross-Edmonds is my orthodontist and she is the wife of Kevon Edmonds,the lead singer of the boy group After 7 and brother of the producer and musician,Babyface Edmonds. Her office is located in Nashville, Tennessee.She is the best dentist ever! To learn more about her, go to ,

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Kevon Edmonds (of After 7) is 59 years old (born February 25, 1958).Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds is 58 years old (born April 10, 1959).

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The song "24/7" is the most famous song that Kevon Edmonds sings. It was released in 1999 and would go on to reach the number 10 position on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

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