Has anyone made a flying car yet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes! They have! But it's only a concept and I doubt it will go on sale. Shame...

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Q: Has anyone made a flying car yet?
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What does a flying car look like?

Sadly, there isn't any such thing as a flying car yet.

What has not been invented yet that is easy to invent?

a flying car

What invention hasn't been invented yet?

What hasn't been invented is a flying car!

Is anyone looking to buy tyres or service your car in Sydney?

no not yet but thanks

Who went faster then the speed of sound in a car?

I don't believe anyone has broken the sound barrier on land yet.

What are some inventions not made yet?

If anyone knew the answer to this, they would be incredibly stupid to post it on here.

What will the US be in thirty years from now?

It will still be the US, yet the technology will probably MUCH greater. By the year 2020 we should have some sort of flying car!

Who invented the flying car?

The first person to design the flying car was Glenn Curtiss, but his could only hop, not fly. Waldo Waterman was the first to build a flying car that actually flew. It first took to the sky on March 21, 1937.

What is the bloodhound car?

It is a car that will do over 1000 mph and break the sound barrier it was also made by ssc the company that made the 1997 thrush ssc car that is currently the fastest car in the world but is yet to be beaten by the bloodhound.

Are there flying cars yet?

have you seen any for sale?

People who play games for the love of it?

Anyone plays games for fun. Sports are not made for exercise they were made for fun. And yet people dont know that.

When is the flying car going to come out?

They will but not for a very very long time because there are too many accidents with NORMAL cars so there will be flying cars but in like 500 thousand years or more , there will be normal cars for a long long time until they create a flying car