Gunk high mileage motor flush safe?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well in theory all it should be is concentrated detergents. That being said, you shouldn't keep it in the motor for any extended length of time, also, don't use it as an additive to motor oil. Throw it in, take it out! If anything does fail, its not going to be because Gunk is so powerful it ate your gaskets. Your gaskets were old and bound to fail. If your that concerned, you should be looking to the junkyards for a newish-er block and save your money.

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Q: Gunk high mileage motor flush safe?
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How can you get rid of jello mold oil from engine?

Try Gunk High Mileage Motor Flush to clean engine and Bars 2 Part Engine Fix to restore engine performance.

Do you have to have a dealer flush the transmission when you change the fluid?

In fact I would advise against it on a high mileage transmission.

What is the difference between synthetic motor oil and high mileage motor oil?

High milage motor oil has extra additives which help prevent oil leaks.

1986 fiero gt you changed the oil used engine flush and now it is making a tapping noiseI used pennzoil 5w30 high mileage oil also noticed the oil pressure gauge is not working after you changed the o?

im sorry about your luck you should NEVER use any type of flush on a high mileage there are deposites that imbed in the soft metal bearings and those deposites are helping to keep the motor tight when you use a flush it washes away the deposites and now the motor is loose and needs a bottom end rebuild the los of the oil pressure gauge is most likely due to main bearings

Is it bad for the motor in a 96 cutlass ciera to use high mileage 5w30?

Can you use it for What?

What motor oil should be used for 1988 Camry?

I recommend a high-mileage synthetic. 10w-30

Is it bad to have high mileage on a car?

its not that bad it just tells you that your motor has been worn down some

What is the best brand and weight oil for a 1965 289 motor?

Any major brand SAE 10w30 or High Mileage oil if the engine is high mileage. Use API service SL or SJ.

What kind of oil for a 1968 cadillac?

Any SAE approved detergent 10w30 motor oil. I personally prefer Valvoline but just about anything sold in the US is good. If the engine has high mileage you may want to consider a high mileage motor oi still 10w30.

Can you use castrol GTX high mileage motor oil in your 2003 Cadillac cts?

yes, but it has to be synthetic oil

What motor oil should you use for your high milage 1995 Mazda 929?

Several companies make a motor oil specifically for high mileage cars. Also a good synthetic oil might be just as good.

What is high mileage for Dodge Ram?

High mileage could be your own interpretation. However I drive a 2001 Ram 5.9 with 180k miles and it runs fine, factory motor and trans. My step-dad drives an 04 Ram with 120k miles and needs a head gasket. Take care of your motor and it will treat you well.