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Reckless driving? I think that depends on how many offenses you have against your drivers license, the laws in the state that you live in, and how bad the reckless driving is.

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2011-05-09 17:24:19
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Q: Getting cited for reckless driving will result in?
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Do points from ticket transfer from Virginia to Ohio?

I was cited for speeding in Virginia. I live in Ohio. Will the points be reflected on my ohio driving record?

You may be cited for driving at the posted speed limit?

If the posted speed is not safe at that time

You parked your car in a apartment complex in a fire zone and a car backed up into your bumper whos fault is it?

You should get a ticket for parking illegally and the other drive should be cited for inattentive driving. You are both at fault and should get healthy tickets.

How many fatal crashes on floridas roadways involved large trucks in 2007?

The year of 2007, Florida Department of Transportation recorded 119 fatal crashes involving large trucks. Only 14 of the crashes were cited as being the fault of the large truck.

What happens if you don't renew your license plate sticker?

If you fail to renew your vehicle registration, you are driving an unregistered vehicle. That's a violation of the vehicle code in every state. You can be cited, and, if the "lapse" is severe, you can have your vehicle towed away and impounded. That costs big, big bucks. Your new registration, when you go get it, will come at a penalty. You will be given a "late fee" at the motor vehicles department. And that's if you haven't gotten a ticket to motivate you to do it sooner. The ticket may or may not cost you money, but you'll certainly pay more for a "late registration" than you would have if you'd been on time. But there are other problems. If you have an accident while "between registrations" as it were, your headaches will greatly increase. Insurance may not cover you in a situation like this. And that makes it very important that you get a new sticker ASAP. Certainly law enforcement officers hand out tickets by the handful to folks who have let their registrations lapse, but don't be one of them. Work at keeping things current. It is cheaper and a lot less of a hassle to do so. And you can avoid some major headaches (read: consequences) by taking care of business as required. Good luck covering all the bases.

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Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license?

Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license

Getting cited for reckless driving will result in points on your license?

4 point

19 Getting cited for reckless driving will result in how many points on your license?

four points

Can a potential employer find out you were cited for reckless driving?


How long does reckless driving stay on your record in Virginia?

It depends upon exactly what type of reckless driving violation you were cited for in Virginia as to how long the conviction of the violation will remain on your VA driving record. In general though the VA DMV points and traffic ticket convictions list appears to list most reckless driving offenses as staying on your driver's history for eleven years. For instance reckless driving, speeding in excess of 80 mph remains on your license for 11 years.

North Carolina speeding ticket 74 in a 50?

I would be really surprised if you were cited onlyfor the speeding, as you're very much eligible for reckless driving charges on top of it.

How do you qualify for a sr 22?

By getting cited for a DUI, DWI, driving without insurance, illegal possession of a controlled substance are just a few things that can result in your being "ordered" to obtain an sr22.

Can you be cited for driving too slow?


Who is at fault if driver A was cited for reckless driving but driver B had the stop sign and yielded then made the turn but was hit in the rear left corner of car?

Well, you have the obligation to yield right of way, but if the other driver was cited then it's likely his fault. A copy of the accident report will clearly state which driver is at fault.

Getting cited for speeding more than 16 mph over the speed limit will result in points on your license?

4 points

What is reckles driving with CDL?

Just while being in possession of a CDL, or while operating a CMV? If you get a reckless driving charge in a four wheeler as a CDL holder, it's no different than if you didn't have a CDL.. except you'll probably lose your job and finding work as a CMV operator isn't going to be fruitful for you afterwards. And yes, offences in a four wheeler go on the same MVR as offences in a CMV do, so a ticket you get in your personal vehicle will affect you employment wise, and you're required to report that ticket just the same as you are if you were cited in a CMV. If you got a reckless driving charge while operating a CMV, the only difference between the criteria for that and a reckless driving charge is that the officer has a little more leniency to declare it reckless driving.. and that you'll get hammered on your CSA2010 report, as well.

Getting cited for speeding more than 16 mph over the speed limit will result in how many points on your license in Florida?


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