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Nowhere unless propelled and then in the direction it is propelled.

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Q: General direction in which something tends to moves?
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A general direction something tends to move?

This question needs to be more specific because if left like this it is more a physics question.

Weather in the middle latitudes tends to move in what general direction?

west to east

A general directionin which something tends to move?

In a straight line. From the center to the outside of a circle.

Is the prevailing wind the main direction of the wind?

Yes, it is the direction from which the wind tends to blow.

Is it possible to hear if lightning is headed your way or not?

Sound generally travels in all direction, just like the waves formed when you drop something in a pool of water. But it tends to be more severe in the direction the source travels.

What direction does the wind blow in Greenland?

It blows in all direction. With much of it being in the Arctic, the prevailing wind tends to be out of the east.

What direction do tornadoes travel in the southern hemisphere?

Their direction of movement tends to be toward the west, while almost all of them rotate clockwise.

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What is the scientific prinicple behind the seisimograph?

The inertia of the pen tends to hold it in place when the paper moves.

When you step shore from a rowing boat it tends to leave the shore?

This is an example of 'action' and 'reaction'. Every 'action', like stepping out of the boat on to the shore causes an equal and opposite 'reaction', as the boat moves in the opposite direction. This is also how rockets move in the vacuum of space.

Is something polar?

The word polar tends to mean something cold. Example:Polar Bear.

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The general public is the group that tends to be negatively affected by eminent domain laws.