General Motors vision statement

Updated: 9/11/2023
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General Motors' Vision Our vision is to be the world leader in transportation products and related services. In order to achieve this vision, we recognize that many issues must be addressed and many goals attained. It is imperative that economic, environmental and social objectives be integrated into our daily business objectives and future planning activities so that we can become a more sustainable company.

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Q: General Motors vision statement
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vision is the company's long term goal in the tata motors ltd this help of achive the tareget esily

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The vision statement of Tata Motors is "Best in the manner in which we operate , best in the product we deliver, and best in our value systemand ethics."

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General Electric no longer has a single vision statement. Instead it has evolved a purpose or vision for each segment of the industry and the overall vision is to maintain each segment's goals and vision.

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The vision statement of General Electric or GE is "We bring good things to life." The company however has the mission and vision of each of its segment in the industry.

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They do not have a goal statement. Their vision statement is to be the best admired by their customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, for the experience and value they enjoy from being with us.

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The vision statement of Hyundai motors is ÔOur team provides value for your futureÕ. The mission statement is Ôto create exceptional value for our customers by harmoniously blending safety, quality and efficiency. With our diverse team, we will provide responsible stewardship to our community and environment while achieving stability and security now and for future generationÕ.

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A vision statement is (or should be) a very simple, and very brief, statement of the goals an organization's founders have in mind for it, i.e., the place they envision the organization occupying in the future. A mission statement is about the founders' general goals regarding the organization as a whole. Once the founder's general vision for the firm has been put into words, a mission statement, more specific than the vision statement, and geared to the organization's customers and other stakeholders, serves as a compass and an official statement of the general business strategy by which the firm will move toward the achievement the founders' vision. Although there is a lot more involved in business strategy down through all levels of an organization, the mission statement serves as a roadmap to achievement of the vision, which is the ultimate destination.