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= Factory identification numbers

Spitfire - Herald - Vitesse - GT6 = Model Comm NoEngine Gearbox Diff Ratio Herald948 G G G G 4.875 948 TC Saloon GY Y G Y 4.55 948 Coupe/Conv Y Y G Y 4.55 1200 GA GA/GD GB GA 4.11 1200 Export GB GB/GD GB GA 4.11 13/60 GE GE/GK GB GE 4.11 Vitesse '6' HB HB HB HB 4.11 2 Litre MkI HC HC HC FD 3.89 2 Liter MkII HC50001 on HC50001 on HC HC 3.89 GT6 MkI KC KC KC KC 3.27 MkII KC50001 on KC50001 on KC KC 3.27 GT6+ USA KD50001 on KD50001 on KD KC 3.27 KD 3.89 MkIII KE KE KE KC 3.27 KD 3.89 MkIII USA KF KF KF KC 3.27 KD 3.89 Spitfire '4' (Mk I) FC FC FC FC 4.11 '4' (MkII) FC50001 on FC50001 on FC FC 4.11 MkIII FD FD FD FC 4.11 MkIII USA FDU FE FD FC 4.11 MkIV FH FH FH FH 3.89 MkIV 1300 USA FK FK FK FK 4.11 MkIV 1500 USA FK FM FK FH 3.89 MkIV Sweden FL FL FH FH 3.89 1500 FH750001 on FM FR FR 3.63 1500 USA FM FM FT FH 3.89 Model EngineGearbox 1300/TC RD/RF 1500 FWD WB/YB 1500 RWD YC YC/YD Toledo/Dolomite 1300 DG/DH DG/DN Toledo/Dolomite 1500 DM/DS/YC DG/DN/DR/YD Toledo/Dolomite 1850 WH/WM 2000 MkI MB 2000 MkII ME/ML 2.5 TC & PI CR/MG/MM/MN Return to main page

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Q: Gearbox identification numbers for triumph cars?
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Are Heavy Trucks given Vehicle Identification Numbers?

Yes they have vin numbers just like cars.

Who owns triumph cars?

Triumph cars is owned by BMW as of 2013. The car was originally manufactured by the Triumph Motor Company. This was a British car company, that manufactured cars and motors.

Where can one purchase Triumph cars?

Triumph cars were manufactured until 1984 and now they are only available in a used form. One may find a used Triumph car via the 'Cars For sale' website or even via the 'eBay' website.

Who makes the vehicle the Triumph?

Currently, BMW owns the The Triumph line of cars. Although in the past Triumph has been owned by numerous different companies, it was started in 1897 with bicycles rather than cars.

Makes of cars that start with the t?


What is a vin number and is it required?

A car VIN is a 'Vehicle Identification Number' and it usually contains 17 numbers, all cars have them and this prevents car theft in many cases. It is the identification for a SPECIFIC automobile

Where are the Vichle Identification Numbers located on a 1987 Chevy G20 van?

same place as all cars. Dash, Engine exc.

Where can one find more information about gearbox online?

Gearbox software can be found at Sony. Gearbox parts for cars can be found at your car dealership. Make sure you know what kind of gearbox you are looking for.

What numbers in the vin is the year for cars?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. The number in the VIN that corresponds to the year for a car is the tenth number.

What cars have an 88 inch wheel base?

Triumph tr6.

Are Triumph cars and motorbikes the same company?

The original Triumph company, founded in 1885, made both motorcycles and cars (plus bicycles in its earlier years). However, the car and motorcycle divisions were split into two companies in 1936. The Triumph car company no longer exists. The Triumph motorcycle company is still going strong.

First manual gearbox invented?

Panhard et Lavassor and Emile Levassor in 1894 invented the gearbox in 1895. By 1904, the gearbox was commonly used in cars as manual transmission became favored.