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It would be nice to have a few more details such as what you are working on. With limited details I will guess that your float/sending unit in the tank is malfunctioning. A second possibility is a bad fuel gauge if it is mechanical.

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Q: Gas tank shows full and stops and stops at half full?
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Why is my gasoline gauge shows empty when the tank is half full?

Failed gauge, wiring, or level sensor.

Impala fuel gauge stops at half full?

The most common reason for the fuel gauge in an Impala to stop at half full is a bad fuel sensor. The sensor is mounted inside of the fuel tank.

Can a tank of gas ever be half full?

Yes, a tank of oxygen can be half full. The oxygen would be stuck in said tank meaning no more oxygen can get in unless refueld.

Is it better to keep your gas tank at half or a full tank?

For long term storage, keep it full.

Can a tank of oxygen gas ever be half full?

Yes, a tank of oxygen gas can be considered half full when it contains half of its maximum capacity of gas. The remaining space is still filled with gas, even though it's not completely full.

What happens when petrol trucks are half full?

well if you are an optimist you could say 'The tank is half full'.

Should a well water pressure tank be half full?

no it should not be half full, it should be 80-90% full with the void space pressurized by or with air

Why is your toilet tank less than half full?

It is not - I just checked and is is nearly 80% full.

A petrol tank is half full. If I add 16 liters it will be two thirds. How many liters does the tank hold when full?

96 litres.

Half galon of mixed gas in a full 16 gallon tank?

No problem.

If Jason new truck average 16 miles per gallon how far can he drive on a half full tank?

take 16 times whatever half a tank is

When you hit the brakes on your 1989 bronco the car makes a bang and stops what could that be?

I had a 94 aeroster van and it did the same thing. It was the gas in the gas tank slamming forward. Happened the most with a half full tank. Ford said this is normal on Aerostar. Maybe this is happening to you too. Just a thought.