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Switch could be bad or the schraeder valvee the switch screws into could be bad

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Q: Freon leaking through the high pressure switch why?
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Will you lose freon if you replace the ac high pressure switch?

You will definitely lose all of your Freon when you replace the high pressure switch. Once the high pressure switch is loosen the Freon will begin to access the system.

Why would the air conditioning compressor on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier not come on?

Low on freon, faulty pressure switch, faulty clutch. Jumper the low pressure switch with a paperclip (can running, AC on), if the clutch cycles, it's either low on freon, or the low pressure switch is bad.

Can you smell a freon leak in a building if the AC is leaking freon?

Freon is odorless, but it is possible to smell the refrigerant oil that could also be leaking.

If you remove the cap on the high pressure valve of an auto air condioner should it be leaking freon out the valve?

No, it should not leak freon because it is supposed to be a sealed unit.

Ac compressor not coming on in a 1992 Buick?

Either low on freon or the low pressure switch is bad. You are gonna have to put a set of gauges on it. Usually this happens when the freon leaks out of the system. If there is not enough freon in the system, the low pressure switch keeps the compressor from coming on and being burned up.

Will the compressor kick on even if there is no freon on a 1996 dodge ram 1500?

It should not run with no freon. There is a low pressure switch to keep that from happening.

Adding freon to 1999 Chevy V8 4x4?

You can add Freon to your 1999 Chevy cooling system through the low pressure port. Connect your Freon bottle to the low pressure port and release the Freon into the system.

Why your car is running out of freon fast?

Freon cooler is leaking from A/C system.

Your 1997 silverado is leaking freon where can it be leaking?

Freon could be leaking anywhere in the ac system. A colored dye can be added to the system, then seen with a special light to find the leak.

How do you add freon to a 1996 S320 Mercedes?

You can add Freon to your 1996 Mercedes-Benz air conditioning system through the low pressure port on the air conditioner compressor. Connect your Freon bottle to the low pressure port. Release the Freon into the system.

How do you get the compressor to run on a 2001 Pathfinder with low freon?

You do not want it to run on low freon as it will burn itself up. There is a low pressue switch that tells it not to run if the freon pressure is below a certain point. To make it run; add freon.

Why does ac compressor turn off after a few minutes on a 1991 Lincoln town car?

Most likely the freon is low, however the low pressure cutout switch could be bad. If it is the cutout switch, the a/c will probably be erratic. The switch cuts out when the low side freon pressure falls to 20 PSIG or below.

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