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explain the flow of current in ignition system

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Q: Explain the flow of current in ignition system?
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Can you explain electric current?

Current is the flow of electrons in a system usually taught from positive to ground or zero potential. It is defined by the formula current = voltage/resistance Everything has resistance - even wire.

Where is the strongest current in a river system Where is there less current?

The strongest current in a river system is in the main flow. There is less current in eddies and backwaters.

What are the principles and process flow of an incomplete medical record system?

explain the principles and process flow of an incomplete medical records system

Explain differancnce between instrument current transformer and measuring current transformer?

Current transformer is a device used to measure the flow of current through a power system and the measured current is inputted to a protective relay system. It is used to detect system malfunction. Current transducer is a device used to measure AC and DC current based on the halt-effect technology.

What is the reason behind the flow of electric current?

potential difference make the current to flow. i think this can be compared with mechanical system as fluid flow as a result prssure difference between two points

Explain the working principal of diode with diagram?

A diode when forward biased will allow the flow of current while reverse biasing will cut off the flow of current. It is the basic building block of any semiconductor.

How do you explain the effect of the number of batteries on the amount of current produced?

The number of batteries has only an effect on the amount of current when they are equivalent and connected in parallel. The amount of current that can flow from a group of batteries connected in series is limited to the current provided by the battery that produces the lowest current flow in the string.

How does the starter relay work in the older automobiles?

A signal from the ignition switch closes the contacts in the relay to allow current to flow to the starter.

What causes current to flow from one terminal of a battery to another?

It is too complicated to explain here. Click the link.

Which unit of electrical does the work in a circuit?

Current flow The answer you are looking for is Amperes or Amps. They are used to measure current flow and Amps do the actual work as they move electrons throughout the system.

What are the advantages of co-current flow?

A Counter-current flow has more advantages as comapared to a co-current flow.

Explain free electron concept and electric current?

the flow of electrons in semi conductor is called electric current. the electrons revolved around the nucleas is called free electrons