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because the motor has to turn on

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Because the power haven't been generated

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The motor is not turned on

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Q: Even when the power supply is switched on why will a dodgem car not move until the pedal is pressed?
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In the mall even when power supply is switched on the dodgem car will not move until the pedal is pressed .give reason for this?

because it is not

Why won't a dogem car move until the pedal is pressed down even though the power supply is on?

Assuming the Dodge has an automatic transmission, the transmission may be low on ATF or the transmission is on its way out. I think the contributor is referring to a Fairground 'Dodgem' car, ie an electric car on a rink. - Many will not move till pedal is pressed flat to prevent small children from driving on their own -

How do you use pedal in a sentence?

She pressed on the gas pedal to make the car go forward.He pressed on the sustain pedal while he played piano.

Which pedal in a car is pressed when changing gears?

the clutch pedal

Can you make a sentence using pedal?

I pressed the pedal to move faster in my car.

Noises when you push gas pedal?

ticking noise when the gas pedal is pressed in a 2005 ford ranger

A pair of levers pressed by the foot to operate a machine called?


What could cause the brakes and brake pedal to stick when brake pedal is pressed?

Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.

What does it mean if truck starts to shake when gas pedal is pressed?

One reason that your truck might start to shake when the gas pedal is pressed is because the tires could need to be balanced. The problem could also be your shock absorbers, or struts. * It has less to do with the gas pedal as it has to do with parts affected by acceleration.

How do you fix a gas pedal on a 1986 Chevy pickup which the wire is not fitted to the gas pedal Pressed down on it then it came loose?

get a new one

What is the function of pedal ganglia?

The pedal ganglion supply nerves to the foot muscles of mollusks.

What is a clutch safety switch?

It prevents engine cranking unless the clutch pedal is pressed.