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A curve to the left, the vehicle would go to the right with no steering.

A curve to the right, the vehicle would go left with no steering.

Because any object in motion will continue to go straight unless another force takes it in another direction.

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Q: Driving around a curve what way the car want to go?
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How do you use careening in a sentence?

the driver driving the car was drunk so he started to careen( it mean to move from one side to the other ):)

When a car goes around a curve what force keeps the car on the road?


Why are you pressed against the car door while going around a curve?

Inertia. You want to go straight, the car (door) [you should be wearing seat belt] is forcing you to curve.

What are the Application of centripetal force?

The application are any time you want something to move in a path that's not straight, you need centripetal force to make it curve away from moving straight. Like if you want to drive your car around a curve or turn a corner.

What happen when you driving too fast on a sharp curve?

increases the distance needed to stop your car

Is the velocity constant if a car is going around a curve?

NO,velocity changes.

When a car travels around a curve in the road what helps keep the car traveling in a curved path?

The friction of the tyres on the road. Otherwise it would want to maintain it's direction, in a straight line.

What if you hit a car while learning driving?

All part of the learning curve. You will have to fill out an insurance report and pay for the damages.

Why do people walk instead of driving the car?

When driving a car you are polluting the things around you and when you walk you are getting exercise.

'A car with a mass of 1200 kilograms is moving around a circular curve at a uniform velocity of 20 meters per second The centripetal force on the car is 6000 newtons What is the radius of the curve'?


What is driving people around by car called?


A car with a mass of 2,000 kilograms is moving around a circular curve at a uniform velocity of 25 meters per second The curve has a radius of 80 meters What is the centripetal force on the car?

15,625 N