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At least 30 to a full minute. And not just straight ahead either ... need to constantly scan side to side, check your mirrors frequently, and be aware of what is behind you, too. Leave yourself an "out" ... had two meanings:

# you are invisible and nobody can see you on the road # leave yourself room enough between stopped vehicles to get around it if the car in front stalls out.

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Q: Drivers should scan how many seconds down the road?
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Drivers should check their mirrors every how many seconds?

About every 10 to 20 seconds

To be safe freeway drivers should look ahead of their car how many seconds?

10 seconds (1/4 mile ahead)

How many seconds ahead do you look on the freeway?

Drivers should look 12 to 15 seconds ahead of their vehicle on city streets and ______ seconds ahead on freeways

How many seconds should drivers be apart of other cars?

a car should be about 3-5 sec apart form each other.

How many seconds should you search ahead of the vehicle for a open path of travel?

20 seconds, or as far as you can see down the road.

How many seconds you should be looking down the road to avoid last minute moves?

15 to 20 seconds(DMV CA state law)

To avoid last minute moves you should be looking down the road to where your vehicle wil be in about how many seconds?

15 - 30 seconds

How many people die each day by drunk drivers?

people die every ten seconds from drunk drivers............ it is amazing but it is true!!!!!!!!1

If it is raining and you are tired of driving how many seconds should you follow?

If it is raining and you are tired, you probably should not be driving - you are a hazard to yourself and other drivers when you drive in those conditions. However, if you must drive, keep a solid 10 to 15 seconds of following distance between you and the next car on the road.

How many seconds should you wash your hands before cooking?

it doesn't matter how many seconds you should wash your hand, but that you wash them thorougly

Interruptions in chest compressions should be limited to how many seconds?

15 seconds

When exiting a freeway you should signal your intention to exit for how many seconds?

In Drivers Ed 20 years ago they taught that your signal should flash no less that three times before your intention are carrid out and three times after you carried out your intentions. Does not matter where you are driving.