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off is probably the best way to drift, tc is to help the car keep traction, this is not what you want in drift

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Q: Drift Pontiac G6 GXP how do you drift do I use e-brake traction control on or off?
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Can any remote control car drift?

No not every RC car can drift.

What is unique about drift cars?

Drift cars are usually light weighed cars with the ability to "drift" while maintain control. Not all cars are allowed in drifting competitions, nor are they suitable for drifting. However, these "drift cars" are.

How do you drift on burnout 3 takedown?

Start the drift by braking and turning at the same. Then, apply full throttle and steer such that the front tyres follow the path that you want them to follow. Don't steer to control the angle of the drift. Steer to control the path of the front tyres. The angle depends on the speed of the car.

What causes rear end drift on light snow and slush?

Loss of traction caused by an inexperienced driver going too fast or not knowing how to drive in snow. SLOW DOWN!

How do you drift boost on modnation racers?

while holding R2 button press x and control with left control stick

What has the author A Beedham written?

A. Beedham has written: 'Optimal control of a linear system with no drift'

Is there traction on the moon?

Yes. Traction just like friction does not require atmosphere to work, only two surfaces touching each other. Traction only requires some force to press the two surfaces together. On Earth it is usually gravity, but if you held two sneaker rubber soles together with your hands on Moon, there would be friction between the soles. Same way works also traction, if there is enough force, traction happens. Do note there is gravity on the Moon, although it is weak in comparization with the gravity on Earth. This is compensated making heavier vehicles, so they would have better traction on the Moon surface.

How do you do drifting in gta San Andreas?

Press the hand brake button. then acelerate and try to control the drift.

How do you drift with a car?

To perform a left tail drift in a front drive car - build up the speed. Decelerate fairly heavily but performing a simultaneous right flick on the steering wheel - a shock wave will shoot through the car (you can feel it happen there is no easy way to explain it.) As this shock wave passes the centre point of the car steer into the direction of the tail drift, if the tail does not swing out then a short flick of the handbrake will start the drift. We then need to catch the drift and control it using gentle throttle control and smooth steering - opposite lock (so steer to the right, just enough to keep the drift going but without overcooking things causing a spin and without undercooking throwing the drift in the opposite direction.)

Is it due to friction that vehicles do not skid on the road?

Friction is actually what helps prevent vehicles from skidding on the road. The friction between the tires and the road surface provides traction that allows the vehicle to grip the road and maintain control during braking or turning. Skidding typically occurs when there is not enough friction between the tires and the road, such as when roads are icy or when tires are worn out.

Why astronaut's cannot stand straight on the moon?

Gravity. No Gravity causes them to drift around and have no control over were they are going.

Can you use a controller on Drift City?

yes just press o and game controls to access the control programing