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The 92' Miata, (also known as a MX-5), has a Strut Assembly in the rear suspension. It consist of a Shock, Coil Spring, and a Strut Mount.

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2011-02-07 06:00:49
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Q: Does your 1992 miata have rear struts and shocks or just shocks?
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Were is the oil sending unit on a 1992 accord?

The oil sending unit on a 1992 Accord is located just above the oil filter. The oil filter is located in the engine compartment of the Accord (under the hood of the car).

What maintenance would you suggest for owners of cars with 100000 miles or over?

That is an interesting but complicated question. There are many variables to consider. First, is what kind of shape is it in now? (Is it a northern car with serious rot problems?) Secondly, How old is it and what kind of vehicle? (Is it a 1982, 1992, or 2002?; a Renault or a lumina?) Get repair parts may be an issue on older ones, and some vehicle have more fatal troubles that would make you not want to look at it long term. And that is the third consideration-how long are you going to keep it and what are the plans for it afterwards? If your looking long term and eventually want to move it on to someone else; or you just want another year out of it, and are willing to let the next person deal with any problems it may have from poor maintenance; will yield different answers.I'll assume you want 250,000 miles out of it-this is attainable assuming you put 10-12,000 miles a year on it or more and maintain it. Expect to put in $15,000-$30,000 or so over the course of the following 150,000 miles. That is driving cheap by the way. I would continue to do maintenance as I have answered previously answered with the question "what maintenance should a car owner do?". In addition I would consider replacing all fuel and brake lines if corrosion is a problem in your geographic location. IF the struts, springs and / or shocks and their mounts are original, I would replace them. I just did my rear shocks with an upgraded version at 60,000 miles-what a difference in holding the road. There are many more specific needs according to the vehicle and how it was previously taken care of. I don't believe that it is a "one size fits all" answer.Answer15,000 to 30,000?!?!?! what is it a ferrari? Maintenance should be continued as usual. I have had good experience with valvoline high mileage formula. 100k is still young for a car in my opinion. Just make sure to do the regular scheduled maintenance and inspect it regularly for problems, especially the safety systems.

Where is the VIN number on a 1992 coleman tent trailer?

You will see two L shaped steel supports that hold the propane tank and battery between the left and right frame rails in front of the trailer. The VIN tag should be rivited facing upward on the back support in the center. If you see wholes where the rivits where or just rivits and no tag then you are probably looking at a stolen trailer.

Does using the defroster in your car use more gas?

yes, it works just like the a/c, it just blows the air on the windsheild/windows

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Do Malibus Have Shocks?

no just struts,

Difference between shocks and struts?

Shocks are just that, shocks. There is already a suspension system in place and you add shocks to it. The shocks can be replaced easily.Struts have part of the suspension andthe shocks included in one assembly. The struts have to be disassembled for access to the shocks.

Does 2002 Oldsmobile silihuette have shocks or struts?

The Oldsmobile van has struts on the front. If it has air suspension, then the rear has struts as well. If not air ssuspension, then it just has regular shocks.

How much does it cost for struts on a 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

i paid about 280 dollars just for both sides of struts and shocks. struts alone were about 160.

Can you just replace the shocks?

If you have worn Struts on a vehicle, those can be replaced without replacing your springs. "Struts" and "Shocks" are often used interchangeably in language, however, I believe your vehicle is a front wheel drive with a double wishbone suspension. In this case, they would be more accurately referred to as "Struts". Just for reference. In either case, the answer is still, yes. Shocks/Struts can be replaced without replacing the springs as well.

How do you replace the shocks on a 91 Honda accord?

It does not have shocks on the front it has struts which should only be replace by a professional. The rear shocks are easily replaced. Just unbolt them and install the new ones.

How can you tell if the struts on a 1993 Toyota Camry are rebuildable?

the struts are replaceable... but not rebuildable. some of the parts from the old struts can be used. struts are just like shocks and will wear out over a period of time. they are not that exspensive and is recommended to let a certified mechanic replace.

How do you change the shocks on a 2003 Kia Spectra?

That Kia doesn't have "shocks". It has struts, front and rear. They bolt in but you will need spring compressors to swap over the springs and hardware unless you purchase the struts "loaded" with new springs and hardware. Loaded struts cost aprox double what just the strut alone costs.

How much to replace struts?

I was quoted just over $700 to replace struts & shocks in the front and rear of my '99 Dodge Caravan. Earlier I was quoted just under $700 to replace the same in my '91 Ford Escort.

What type of fluid would you need for the shocks of a 1992 gmc sierra c1500 with a 305 engine?

just change the shocks buddy

Is it okay to still drive a car when the struts need to be replaced?

The primary purpose of struts and shocks is to "dampen" the unsprung weight of the wheel assembly to prevent bounce. In other words, shocks and struts stop the wheels from bouncing when you hit a bump. Without shocks or struts, a wheel would bounce like a basketball when you hit a bump, and the wheel wouldn't be in contact with the road very much of the time. That makes the vehicle unstable and difficult to control especially when you're going much over 15 MPH. As opposed to shocks, struts also include suspension springs and bushings, so it depends on which part of a strut is going bad. If the springs are getting weak and the vehicle is "sagging", that's probably not too terribly unsafe, just an annoyance. If the bushings are shot, don't drive it. In my opinion, it's not a good idea to drive without good struts, but that has to be your decision.

How do you replace the front shocks on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder?

My 2001 Pathfinder has 108,500 miles & I think it's time for new shocks & struts. It just doesn't feel the same anymore & is kinda wobbly. I have a few questions. I got an estimate of $1110.76 to replace the front struts & rear shocks with OEM parts & an alignment. This is at a quality suspension place that I trust, not a dealership. I found the OEM parts online for $425 plus shipping but I have never replaced shocks or struts. My question is... how hard is this to do? I've changed all fluids, changed 2 oxygen sensors, & a throttle position sensor... to give you an idea of my experience. I hope...

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