Does xado oil additive really work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Improved Answer:The correct answer is that additives "do work". All oils contain different additives some more than others, so the previous answer was not strictly true. I have looked on several XADO sites for you and it would seem that this one has more than others. It is API licenced and approved for use by several leading automobile manufacturers. I agree you should change your oil regularly but no oil is without additives!! Answer:No oil additives really "work". Most do no harm, but your average "snake-oil" additives don't really fix anything. Change your oil as recommended by the manufacturer and you will enjoy many years of service. Alternative answer:XADO isn't technically an oil additive because it doesn't change the oil and you don't need to add it every time you have an oil change. It's more like a metal conditioner that uses oil as a way to get to the part without taking your engine apart.

It creates a ceramic-metal glaze that bonds with the metal surface to fill in the gaps of worn internal engine parts (metal only, not gaskets) to increase compression. Because the new surface is smoother and stronger than the original surface, it reduces friction and can increase fuel efficiency. The new surface lasts up to 65,000 miles and several oil changes.

While there is a lot of snake-oil out there, several new products ACTUALLY WORK and XADO is definitely one of them. XADO offers a guarantee and it appears that everyone that uses it raves about it, so with gas prices today, its worth looking into.

This Xado product is not strickly speaking an oil additive. It used oil as a medium or vehicle to move around engine components and 'stick' to certain surfaces. Xado claims that it reacts with heat, friction and metal particles in the oil to from a new surface. If correct, this would be rather like the old metal working days when we mixed metal filings with gum to fill holes and produce a new surface. The difference here is that Xado claims to only 'fill; the surfaces that are subject to heat and friction. Once the heat/friction has reduced, the process discontinues and the residue just sits in the oil until the next oil change. Unfortunately, Xado (in my opinion) uses some poorly worded explanations and/or translations as to the workings of their product. The theory is sound enough (see Nano technology via any University of Engineering website and speak to anyone who has mixed metal filings with gums or other substances to produce a 'filler'). The question remains, does the product 'fix' a worn engine. I believe that several factors have to be considered. How worn is the engine, are there any broken/cracked parts, how stringents does the process have to be? I have an older diesel engine on its way out which I was getting ready to recondition or replace depending on how bad it was. For the sake of a few dollars, I gave this Xado a try (I have tried other snake oils in my younger years on older technology cars with minimal success). After trying this Xado, all I know is that the engine no longer smokes, it is nominally quieter and appreciably more powerful. I have some formal qualifications in basic motor mechanics and alot of practical experience in motor cars through my past proffession and club affliations. I cannot explain, nor do I really understand the technicalities of the success I have just had. I wouldn't say the engine is 'like new' but it is certainly better. I haven't noticed any obvious milage increase but the other claims are at leat partially borne out by my experience. I am a sceptic but I'm now going to try the auto trans and the differential treatments too. However I may have just been lucky or my engine might have been in the right condition to benefit, I don't know. But if I had another engine on the way out, I would again put in the $60 worth of gel.

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Q: Does xado oil additive really work?
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