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Yes since it has more wieght

IMPROVING ANSWER: More weight (mass) in any vehicle can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you are pushing the vehicle, especially up a hill, it takes more energy to get it moving, compared to what it would take to move a lighter vehicle of the same size and shape.

But once you get to the top of that hill, like if you are releasing a toy car on a ramp or slope, more weight will make it go faster. You spent your energy (from your muscles) lifting and carrying that toy car to the top of that ramp, and the heavier it was the more energy you had to spend. Now when you are letting it roll down, that extra mass of the vehicle will be converted to more speed and/or a longer roll before it stops.

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Q: Does weight effect the distance of a toy car?
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Does the tire size effect the speed of toy car?

depends on the weight of the toy car and the traction of tire. I guess bigger tires cover more distance than little tires, if two are pushed with the same force, so it'll be faster

Who has done the experiment of the surfaces on an inclined plane have the effect on the distance a toy car travels?


What Two factors that affect the distance taken for a toy car to stop?

The two factors that affect the distance taken for a toy car to stop are the speed at which the car is moving and the braking force applied to the car. A higher speed will result in a longer stopping distance, while a stronger braking force will reduce the stopping distance.

The weight of a toy car?

depends on the weight of it

What is the effect of friction of a speed of a toy car?

Friction can have a slowing effect on the speed of a toy car. When the wheels of the car come in contact with the surface it is moving on, friction between the two surfaces can cause resistance, making it harder for the car to maintain its speed. The amount of friction depends on factors such as the type of surface and the weight of the car.

If a toy car has weight added to it and then sent down a ramp will it go slower or faster?

If the toy car's ramp is on 45 degrees and if the toy car is put on some weight, the toy car will go faster because it goes faster, which makes the car go further.

Which toy car goes the farthest a toy car without aballoon or a toy car attched to a balloon?

A toy car without a balloon will generally go a shorter distance due to the lack of propulsion. On the other hand, a toy car attached to a balloon will travel farther as the escaping air from the balloon creates thrust, propelling the car forward, demonstrating basic principles of Newton's third law of motion.

How does weight affect speed of a toy car?

The weight of a toy car can impact its speed by affecting its acceleration and momentum. A heavier car may have slower acceleration due to increased inertia, but it may also have greater momentum once it is in motion, potentially leading to higher top speeds. However, other factors such as friction, aerodynamics, and power source also play a role in determining the speed of a toy car.

Does the structure of a toy car effect the distance it will roll?

Yes, its exactly the same as a normal car A Lambo will probably roll faster down a hill than a VW Beetle

What is the weight of a toy car?

This depends on the size of the toy car and material the toy car was built with. Ask this questions again with the proper information, please.

Can air resistance affect the distance that a toy car does?

Yes, air resistance can affect the distance a toy car travels. A toy car moving through the air experiences air resistance, which can slow it down and reduce its overall distance traveled. Increasing the car's speed may also increase the impact of air resistance.

Which toy car rolls the longest distance?

the car on launoulum will roll farter