Does water burn out of engines?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In very small amounts, yes. In large amounts the engine won't start or run.

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Q: Does water burn out of engines?
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Why water is not used as a petrol?

Since water doesn't burn like petrol, it's far less useful to power engines with.

Can water be used to run a GASOLINE engine?

No, gasoline engines require a volatile fuel mixture to run ; water is inert, so it does not burn.

WHAT are the disadvantages of steam engines?

They are noisy and they require a lot of fuel (Water and something to burn). This means they must constantly be monitored so they don't blow up, due to loack of water.

Can we convert public buses from diesel engines to LPG engines?

No, a diesel engine will not burn LPG. It would destroy a diesel engine. A gasoline engine can, with some modifications, burn LPG.

Are there water-powered engines?

Yes, there are water-powered engines called water turbines that generate power by harnessing the energy of flowing water. These turbines are commonly used in hydroelectric power plants to generate electricity.

How does the shuttle fire burn its engines in space?

The shuttle does not fire it's engines in space, it only fires orbit adjusters.

Does water burn vampires?

There is no vampires that burn from regular water but in some stories Holy Water can burn them.

Explain what heat engines do and name the process in which they use to burn fuel?


Can you make older car engines burn alcohol?

When hydrocarbons burn completely in an excess of oxygen the products are?

Carbon dioxide and water are the main products when hydrocarbons burn completely in an excess of oxygen. This process generally occurs in engines or other combustion systems where the fuel is completely oxidized to release energy.

What kind of fuel do steam engines burn?

Anything that will burn hot enough to boil water and produce steam. In the old days coal and coke were among the best, but wood was also be used. Modern steam turbines can be run from a variety of heat sources.

Who would use a steam engine?

Someone who doesn't want to burn gasoline. A steam engine has the ability to use anything that will burn. Had the technology been applied to steam engines like it was to gasoline engines, we possibly would have some viable steam engine transportation today. Steam engines were less efficient than gasoline or diesel engines, that is why they are not used much today.