Does the temp gauge go up when your car is in drive or idle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You should notice some rise in temp because there is no air flowing through the radiator, or at least not as much as there would be if you were driving. A vehicle with a mechanical fan will notice it less than one with a thermostatically controlled electric fan.

However if the temperature rises above the set point of the thermostat then there may be a problem with the fan operation.

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Q: Does the temp gauge go up when your car is in drive or idle?
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How important is it to drive your car when the temp gauge is in the normal driving temp as opposed to before or after the normal temp is reached?

In summer weather, it is good to let the vehicle idle for a minute, or so, until the oil is flowing good. In the wintertime, or temperatures below about 50 degrees, it would be good to let the engine idle for about five minutes before heading out.

How can you tell if the temp gauge is broken on a BMW?

If you drive the car 10 miles, and it doesn't move.

Why would temp gauge in car run cool?

Thermostat stuck open or no stat at all. Faulty temp sensor or Gauge.

What will happen if you drive your car when the temp gauge registers overheating?

I bet the whole car will explode. I dunno that much about cars but I bet it'll happen, so DON'T TRY IT AT HOME.

How do you get heat out of defroster on 1996 beretta?

First you start the car. Then you let it idle or drive it until it reaches operating temp. Finally you turn the heater on to the defrost setting.

Is it safe to drive the car if antifreeze is leaking to drive it to the mechanic about 5 miles?

yes just make sure antifreeze level is topped off and you will make it just watch temp gauge.

Why does the temperature gauge go to cold while your driving and blow cold air but when you idle the temp gauge goes up and blows warmer air?

1995 MonteCarlo i have heat when car is idle but when you put in gear and you give it gas has no heat any thoughts i have already had the head gaskets replaced and the heater core flushed but still no heat

Why is my temp gauge going to red when my car isn't overheating?

It's broken

How do you tell if car is overheating in a 2000 explorer?

Commonly check the temp gauge on the dash.

Why does a1987 Oldsmobile tornado's electric gauges show that I'm in drive when im in park and it does not show the temp nor the oil pressure readings?

Probably a defect in the gauge cluster. This old a car, you can pick up a gauge cluster cheap at a junkyard.

How long should you warm a car?

1min or 2 i like to wait till the temp gauge starts to move or let it get to normal temp.

How do you tell when a car thermostat is bad?

Stuck open - no heat from heater, temp gauge hardly moves off of cold. Stuck closed - overheats engine, temp gauge quickly climbs to hot.